Momosan has easily become one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in town. It makes sense - this is the first West Coast location of the worldwide ramen spot that’s run by an Iron Chef. You’ll find our names on the huge waiting list along with everyone else, patiently reading the massive picture-book menu of ramen, sushi, yakitori, and fried snacks. The ramen is warm and comforting, but the real stars are the appetizers like A5 wagyu skewers with daikon relish, pork gyoza that come to the table deglazed with sake in a sizzling cast-iron skillet, and a delicious gochujang-coated popcorn shrimp. Try to only bring a few friends to dinner since it’s tough to get a table, but make it a priority to share a bunch of small plates. If you’re really in the mood for soup, get one or two orders of ramen for the table. They’ll bring over little bowls so you won’t have to worry about everybody sharing the same soup and catching a cold.

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