Mekenie Pampangga’s Special

You can find the best lumpia in the area in the suburbs of Renton. Mekenie’s are thin, yet meaty, and extra crispy. As for the rest of the food, they serve a lot of items that you’d normally see at a Filipino aunt’s godchild’s cousin’s christening—like embutido, crab fried rice, and pancit palabok. Inside, there’s a strong karaoke energy when you walk in, almost like it’s your turn to sing when picking up an order. And know that you’re covered for whatever mood you're in. Breakfast? The ‘silog menu is stacked. Lunch or dinner? There aren’t any Filipino dishes missing, whether you’re ordering bistek a la carte or some family-style ginataang sitaw. Truly, whatever you saw at that baptism party, don’t worry— it’s also here.

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