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I love our community here at The Infatuation. And when we get something wrong, we listen. After publishing our guide to The Best New Fried Chicken Sandwiches without having tasted the new buttermilk-fried chicken sandwich from Market Fresh, it became clear quickly that I messed up. This hot bar spot Downtown recently revamped their menu, thanks to the owners’ son, Justin Choung. Formerly a chef at Marea in NYC, he flew home to Seattle during the pandemic to help his parents pivot from their buffet-style model into a lineup of excellent sandwiches, salads, and grain bowls. I finally ate this glorious, crunchy, nori pepper-spiced chicken topped with garlicky aioli, spicy pineapple gochujang, pickles, and shredded cabbage slaw, and suddenly understood why people were blowing us up—this sandwich is amazing. Please consider this my public apology.

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The Best New Fried Chicken Sandwiches In Seattle

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