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Indigo Cow

Ice Cream in Wallingford

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If the white-mustachioed celebrity athletes and promises of strong bones and teeth don’t get you extremely hyped to guzzle some milk, allow us to introduce you to Indigo Cow. It’s a soft serve window in Wallingford that sources their dairy specifically from Hokkaido to make unflavored ice cream. Apparently these Japanese cows know something the American ones don’t, because the end result is a barely-there sweetness and a refreshing texture that prompts a line to form down the block regardless of the thermostat reading outside. The ice cream is perfect plain, but just as excellent with toppings like Theo’s dark chocolate dip or brown sugar syrup with nutty roasted soybean powder. Essentially, this dairy-based bliss is what the “Got Milk” campaign wanted us to feel when slugging down a frosty glass of liquid calcium. Turns out, it just needed to be churned into soft serve.

Indigo Cow review image

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