Frelard Tamales

Some things to know about Frelard Tamales: they’re a walk-up window that specializes in tamales (obviously), they’re actually located in Green Lake, and they serve the best corn husk-wrapped bundles in town. Coming here is a great move for a cold-weather date night in or a stellar quick lunch option—the line never gets too long and the tamales fly out instantly. 

Ringing in at a half-pound each, the tamales are massive and stuffed with everything from sliced jalapeños and cheese to braised rioja pork. You can also add toppings that accentuate the fillings without getting in the way, like crema, limey guacamole, and tangy pickled carrots. And while you could order virtually any masa-snuggled meal here and walk away pleased, you need the salsa verde chicken and sweet potato mole tamales. You’ll get juicy-creamy shredded chicken packed with tomatillo zing, along with a vegan tamal featuring fork-tender sweet potatoes and a nutty mole that’s rich while still letting the yams speak for themselves. They say “hey, I’m f*cking delicious,” by the way. 

Between their tight takeout ship, easy street parking situation, and delicious food, we always find it tempting to forget our lunch or dinner plans and order from here instead. You can’t go wrong with Frelard Tamales—unless you actually look for them in Frelard.

Frelard Tamales review image

photo credit: Chona Kasinger

Food Rundown

Frelard Tamales review image

photo credit: Chona Kasinger

Salsa Verde Chicken Tamal

Complete with shredded chicken in a comforting green salsa, the tamal is juicy, a little creamy, and the star of the show at Frelard. It’s perfection swaddled in masa, and is precisely the reason you’re here.

Frelard Tamales review image

photo credit: Chona Kasinger

Salsa Rioja Pork Tamal

The pork here trends a bit dry, from their chorizo crumbles to this shredded rioja pork—delicious and well-seasoned, but dry nonetheless. If you’re really looking to eat some pork, drench this thing in crema and salsa. Otherwise, get the chicken.

Spinach And Cheese Tamal

We love the way that the gooey cheese pairs with fresh pops of corn and sauteed spinach. This is an ideal choice if you want something a little lighter.

Sweet Potato Mole Tamal

This is a winner and the best of the vegan options, with chunky-yet-fork-tender sweet potato cubes bathing in rich mole. You should order this whether you eat exclusively plant-based or not.

Rice And Refried Beans

Fluffy rice? Great. Creamy refried beans? Also great. Both in the same bite topped with a bit of crema? Extraordinary.

Agua De Piña

Frelard’s homemade pineapple agua fresca is the beverage version of diving headfirst into a chilled saltwater pool after hiking in the mountains. In other words, it’s extremely refreshing. It has pure pineapple flavor, the perfect amount of ice, and just enough sweetness to let the fruit shine.

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