Founders Club

Hidden behind a “bookcase” in the lobby of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel is Founders Club. Though it's not a total secret—there’s a host standing in front of the entrance with a tablet, and hotel guests have now witnessed a wall swing open at least 10 times in the past five minutes. The inside is straight out of Mad Men, with red velvet sofas, ornate lampshades, and more leather surfaces than a supervillain’s lair. While it feels like a cigarette-smoking Jon Hamm could appear at any second, this place is really just filled with loud first dates, bachelorette parties, and couples who booked solely for an edgy engagement photoshoot with their $54 Manhattans. Use this place sparingly for a pre-theater drink, or to impress any out-of-towner who has a deep love for fancy whiskey.

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