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El Cubano

After chatting with Infatuation Miami about what makes a proper Cubano, we realized that Seattle is full of imposters. Some of the fake Cubans in town are served on Macrina baguettes, never see a hot press, have a slathering of spicy brown or dijon instead of yellow mustard, and even include things like pepperoni or gruyere.

We could go on, but we’re too busy rejoicing over the fact that El Cubano in Shoreline exists.

They serve a stellar example of a classic Cubano, and they’re also just terrific sandwiches, with ham, roasted pork, molten swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickles squished on Cuban bread flown in from La Segunda Bakery in Florida. No matter what, don’t miss a side order of El Cubano’s pork tamal, full of creamy, garlicky, corn-y comfort and tangy braised pork. They’re proof that the excellence here goes far beyond pressed sandwiches.

Food Rundown

Classic Cubano

This is the Cubano in Seattle you should go out of your way for. It's everything a Cuban sandwich should be: gooey, porky, tangy, and crusty.

Nate Watters

El Cubano review image

Pan Con Bistek

A great sandwich if you're looking to eat a bunch of steak on a roll, and we like how the once-crispy potato sticks wilt a little bit underneath all the steam and garlic-cilantro mayo. But you're really here for a classic Cubano.

Nate Watters

El Cubano review image

Pork Tamal

Adding this tamal is a must, even if that means you have to ditch half of your sandwich to make room for the creamy dough studded with braised pork bits. It also makes for a great light lunch alongside a salad.

Nate Watters

El Cubano review image

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