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After chatting with Infatuation Miami about what makes a proper Cubano, we realized that Seattle is full of imposters. Some of these fauxs Cuban are served on Macrina baguettes, some never see a hot press, some have a slathering of spicy brown or dijon instead of yellow mustard, and some even include things like pepperoni or gruyere.

We could go on, but we’re too busy rejoicing over the fact that El Cubano in Shoreline exists.

They serve a stellar example of a classic Cubano, and they’re also terrific sandwiches, period, with ham, roasted pork, molten Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickles squished on Cuban bread flown in from La Segunda Bakery in Florida. And if you’re on Team Tampa, you can grab yours packed with Genoa salami as well. But, no matter what, don’t miss a side order of El Cubano’s pork tamal, full of creamy, garlicky, corn-y comfort and tangy braised pork. They’re proof that the excellence here goes far beyond squished sandwiches.

El Cubano review image

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