photo credit: Nate Watters

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Chez Phinney


Wine Bar

Phinney RidgeGreenwood

$$$$Perfect For:Drinking Good WineDrinks & A Light BiteFirst/Early in the Game Dates
Earn 3x points with your sapphire card

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This wine bar follows a simple format: hand over your credit card, receive an empty glass, and use the self-pour machines to fill said glass. And with its Greenwood Ave. location, housemade chocolate truffles, and dips from Michou Deli, Chez Phinney is easily the best place to drink wine on the north end. Despite looking like a Paris-inspired airport cafe, things turn up at night, thanks to blasting EDM and a “whatever” attitude about closing time. Oh yeah, that plus the ability to get wine every time you press a button like a mouse in a research lab. The best part is that this place really is for every kind of grape juice drinker—you’ll find stunning German sauvignon blanc, funkadelic natural blends, and alcohol-free bubbles under the same roof.

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