B's Po Boy

In Seattle, people get very serious about finding the best transplant food - like New York-style pizza, Nashville hot chicken, or California burritos. (We could go on and on for a truckload of zip codes across the states, but we won’t.)

If New Orleans-style food is what you’re looking for, we have good news and bad news about B’s Po Boy, a casual beachside restaurant on Alki. This sit-down spot with a great view has classic NOLA dishes like gumbo, etouffe, and, yes, po’boys. We really like the fried shrimp sandwich, but we’re not big fans of the other things we’ve tried.

As far as po’boys go, B’s does a lot of things right. The bread they use is from Leidenheimer Bakery in New Orleans, and it’s perfectly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Filling options range from blackened catfish and chipped roast beef with gravy to battered fried shrimp and oysters. As mentioned earlier, our clear favorite is the fried shrimp sandwich - it’s delicious, with tender shellfish and a crispy breading that’s spiced perfectly. It’s even better when you sub in the homemade lemon aioli for mayo, and at $16 for a full sandwich and $10 for a (generous) half, it’s pretty affordable, too.

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photo credit: Nate Watters

Other dishes unfortunately don’t work out as well. The pulled pork has a nice spicy kick, but it’s overly wet and oily. This makes the bread too soggy, which is a shame, after it took a cross-country trip to get here. The catfish crosses the fine line between blackened and burned - and don’t get us started on the gumbo, which tastes watery and bland. (We guess you got us started on it after all, but we’re certainly not finishing it.)

As disappointing as those things are, the fried shrimp sandwich still shines. Plus, the staff is friendly, and we like sitting at the bar. So stop by for the po’boy, some sweet potato fries, and a local beer, and you may be content with finally x-ing out of that SeaTac-to-NOLA Kayak tab on your computer for the time being.

Food Rundown

B’s Po Boy review image

Fried Shrimp Po’boy

Winner. This is the best sandwich in the joint. The batter is light and crunchy, and the portion of shrimp is pretty generous (if some fall out, treat them as dessert). Swap the traditional mayo for the homemade lemon aioli, and you’ll be very happy.

BBQ Pulled Pork Po’boy

The tender pork has a commendable kick, but it’s so greasy and saucy that the bread absorbs it all too quickly and gets very soggy. More power to you if you unhinge your jaw and eat this at the speed of light, but you’re better off just getting the shrimp.

Blackened Catfish Po’boy

When we had this, the fish was burnt and overly spicy. Again, skip in favor of the shrimp.

Sweet Potato Fries

Nothing life-changing, but these taste good with a side of remoulade or lemon aioli. Get some with your sandwich.

Creole Slaw

This actually has a nice kick to it from mustard and sriracha, and is seasoned well. But there’s a bit too much dressing.

Cajun Mac & Cheese

Well-cooked cavatappi pasta in a creamy cheese sauce with andouille sausage and lots of spices, but not enough salt. Skip.

B’s Po Boy review image

Chicken & Andouille Gumbo

This also tastes like it needs a lot more salt. Too soupy and very bland.