Boca Argentine Bakery & Pizzeria

If you’re strolling up and down Broadway looking for lunch, you’ll be glad to see Boca Argentine Bakery & Pizzeria. Despite being in the middle of northern Capitol Hill, the airy dining room lined with little marble tables and black and white photography has a balmy summertime feel no matter what climate weirdness is happening in Seattle. The versatility of this cafe is unmatched—you could grab a sweet custard-filled bolas de fraile for breakfast alongside cafe con leche, stop in for a toasted caprese empanada to snack on during a walk, or go all in for a sit-down lunch, powered by crispy-edged pan pizzas and a steak milanesa panini that we’d happily eat once a week.

Boca Argentine Bakery & Pizzeria review image

photo credit: Nate Watters

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