Blotto's round pizza crust is a gorgeous cross between sourdough and New York-style, with a brittle crispness throughout the bottom and puffed ends that resemble pool noodles (but taste a whole lot better). Between the small dining room on Capitol Hill that’s decorated with shelves of pantry items for sale like Rancho Gordo beans, red and white-checkered pizzeria tablecloths, and refrigerators stocked with natural wine, Blotto already makes for a fun place to hang out with friends. Add phenomenally blistered pies topped with things like spaghetti all’amatriciana ingredients or roasted kale with breadcrumbs and lemon (not to mention tasty slice dips like Calabrian chili vinaigrette and dill-flecked ranch), and you’ve got more than a neighborhood hang—you’ve got a dinner destination that’s worth braving potentially horrendous Capitol Hill parking.

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