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Beecher's Handmade Cheese

You can find Beecher’s cheese products, first and foremost, at any supermarket in Seattle. Their Flagship Cheddar is nutty, sharp, melts beautifully, and occupies our daily thoughts. So be sure to throw it in your shopping cart for adventures in the kitchen, and if you want to see where the metaphorical sausage is made, you can visit their location at Pike Place Market.

Keep in mind that checking out Beecher’s for lunch requires standing in a line full of tourists sampling curds and talking very loudly about the woman at the market who dresses up like a stone statue. But at the end of that line is glorious mac and cheese that Oprah once named one of her favorite things. You’ll want a cup of that creamy chili-spiked penne, because it’s worth the hype even if it’s a little congealed after sitting in a chafing dish all morning. And if you’re curious, we have made the recipe and followed it to a tee. Their’s is still better.

Just be sure to save some room post-mac, because nothing’s greater here than the grilled smoked turkey and Flagship cheddar cheese sandwich. It’s perfectly toasted, with crispy cheese bits that stick to the bread when it gets caught in the panini press, and you need to eat it at least once. Preferably a lot more than once.

Food Rundown

“World’s Best” Mac & Cheese

An absolute classic for a reason—al dente penne kicked with chili powder and swimming in a jacuzzi of liquified Flagship. If Kraft Macaroni & Cheese’s mascot was still the Cheeseasaurus Rex, he’d eat this stuff in secret, and it would torment him.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese review image

Smoked Turkey Grilled Sandwich

The only thing better than Beecher’s cheese coated on pasta is Beecher’s cheese melted between slices of toasted, buttered bread. This version comes with smoked turkey, melted Flagship cheddar, some Just Jack to mellow it out, tomato, and a spread made with an abundance of mustard seeds, all on really good rustic wheat bread. Enjoy the symphony of crunch.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese review image

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