Bar Ferdinand is permanently closed

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Bar Ferdinand

American in Capitol Hill

    Perfect for
  • Date Night
  • Dinner with the Parents
  • Eating At The Bar
  • Small Plates
  • Special Occasions

Part wine bar, part bottle store, part restaurant, Bar Ferdinand is a deceptively flexible spot worth knowing about for many situations. The place feels more like an industrial barn wedding than anything else, which makes zero sense until you’re there and surrounded by steel pillars, exposed wood beams and pipes, and many string lights indoors.

This is an excellent venue to drink wine, but it’s also a place to eat some incredible food - particularly of the butter, pork, and joy persuasion. Go for the housemade bread and dry-cured sausage if you don’t want a full meal, or commit to one of the two complex entrees typically offered. Service is excellent, you can usually score a table for two without a hassle, the menu is different every day, and when the waitress tells you that the smoked beets (with slow-cooked pork and apple slaw) will blow your mind, she’s actually right.

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