Anchored Ship Coffee Bar review image

Anchored Ship Coffee Bar

Bakery/Cafe in Ballard

    Perfect for
  • Coffee & A Light Bite

Anchored Ship is excellent if you want a chill place to hang out and possibly get some work done (they have free wifi), but also like changing up the scenery once in awhile without having to relocate to another coffee shop. We realize that’s specific, but if you’re a person who posts up at coffee shops on the regular, you know this is a very real problem. This place is tiny, but there are window-facing bar seats if you like working while people-watching, a back room full of tables for the heads-down crowd, and if you’re lucky to find it unoccupied, a micro-loft with string lights and a sofa. Their almond milk lattes are so good we wished they were sold as IV drips, and if for some reason you get a sudden urge for a manicure, there happens to be a (very nice) nail salon called Juniper through a secret hallway in the back.

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