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The 2020 Seattle Hanukkah Food Guide

From latkes to jelly donuts, you’ll find excellent Hanukkah takeout specials from these Seattle restaurants and bakeries.

If you haven’t polished off your Thanksgiving leftovers yet, it’s time to press that final turkey panini - because Hanukkah starts on Thursday, December 10th. And if hand-grating three pounds of potatoes and braising brisket all day sound like tasks you’d like someone else to handle, you’ve come to the right place. These Seattle restaurants are serving everything you’ll need for the holiday, from matzo ball soup and pastrami by the pound to gelt-filled cake and freshly-fried sufganiyot for dessert.

The Spots

Cook Weaver

For $75 a person, Cook Weaver is serving a preset Hanukkah meal that includes braised brisket with root vegetables, Cheeto and taleggio cauliflower, kugel made with green pea spatzel, kimchi latkes, chicory salad, and apple cake. You can learn more on their Instagram, and note that Tuesday, December 8th is your last day to order, which you can do by emailing

This excellent concession stand at Golden Gardens is offering a Hanukkah spread available for preordering online until Wednesday, December 9th. There are various meal options, from a confit brisket meal and latkes to Concord grape sufganiyot and matzo ball soup.

For $150, you can order a Hanukkah dinner for two from Terra Plata on Capitol Hill. It includes matzo ball soup, braised brisket, honey-roasted carrots, latkes, and homemade challah. You can also add on sufganiyot, extra latkes, and beverages like mulled wine and eggnog. You can place your order online.

Trophy Cupcakes

Trophy, which serves some of the best cupcakes in town, has a bunch of Hanukkah treats available from December 9th to 20th. Cupcake-wise, they’re featuring a chocolate cake with a blue vanilla frosting swirl and a dreidel decoration as well as a sufganiyot-inspired cake filled with raspberry jam and topped with cinnamon sugar buttercream. You’ll also be able to order a package of salted caramel and jelly donut-flavored macarons, gift sets with or without wine, and kits to decorate your own cupcakes. Trophy’s also putting on a pop-up at the Mercer Island JCC on Sunday, December 13th, where their cupcake van will be selling six-packs of cakes and DIY kits from noon to 1pm.

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Where To Get Eggnog In Seattle

This Fremont wine bar is offering a $65 Hanukkah dinner for two, which includes latkes, matzo ball soup with parsnips, Persian lamb- and rice-stuffed cabbage rolls, carrot salad, and lemon olive oil poppyseed cake with honeyed labneh and Cara Cara oranges. There are also options to add a blintz kit, a six-pack of rugelach, apple kuchen, flourless chocolate cake, or a bottle of wine. You can preorder on their website, and if you live on the South end and would like to pick up at Vif’s Beacon Hill sister bar, Petite Soif, be sure to leave a note when ordering.

Zylberschtein's Deli

This deli in Pinehurst is offering a $25-per-person dinner every night of Hanukkah, complete with Painted Hills brisket simmered with onions and tomato, homemade latkes, applesauce, sour cream, and roasted vegetables. They’re also selling a la carte items like frozen latkes, sufganiyot (in marionberry, cranberry, mango, cardamom cream, or chocolate), knishes, rugelach, and mandelbrot by the single or dozen, and a chocolate cake filled with gelt. You can place a preorder online.

Dingfelder’s Delicatessen

You can pretty much consider Dingfelder’s another one-stop-shop for all eight nights. This takeout window on Capitol Hill has a “Chanukah Box” for $90 that feeds two to four people and includes a choice of meat, latkes, soup, gelt, and a dreidel. And if you’re looking for an alternative to Dingfelder’s already-delicious traditional latkes, you’ll find gluten-free, beet/turnip, and zucchini latkes in addition to potato. They’re also serving 12-hour-braised brisket, a whole roasted lemon garlic herb chicken, a platter of smoked salmon, sufganiyot, and pumpkin cheesecake.

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SEA Guide

The Seattle Takeout Window Guide

Maybe the intro to this guide doesn’t apply to you, and you are planning on grating russets by hand for potato pancakes. For everything else, you could place an a la carte order with The London Plane. This all-day cafe in Pioneer Square is preparing house-cured gravlax with dill crème fraîche a four-to-five pound braised beef brisket, chicory salad, applesauce, plain crème fraîche, and rugelach. And, since The London Plane doubles as a flower shop, there’s also a beautiful arrangement for your table. Just be sure to place your order by December 5th.

The Tin Table, a.k.a. the restaurant on the second floor of the Century Ballroom building, is serving a full feast for $50 a person. It includes matzo ball soup, shaved fennel salad with parmesan and lemon, braised brisket, latkes, honey-roasted carrots, challah rolls, raspberry sufganiyot, gelt, and the option to add mulled wine for $25. You’ll need to place your preorder by emailing before 3pm on December 5th, and pickup is on December 10th between noon and 5pm.

Schmaltzy’s serves our favorite latkes in town year-round, so if that’s the only thing missing from your celebration, stop by this deli in Fremont. Their potato pancakes are light, crunchy, and perfect vehicles for dollops of sour cream and lox. Plus, they’re available to purchase in bulk for Hanukkah - 12 for $30, 24 for $58, or 48 for $110. You can email the deli at to place your order.

If your homemade challah braid ended up looking more like a bumpy ponytail, grab some from Westman’s instead. On Fridays, this bagel pick-up window on Madison sells fresh loaves of both olive oil challah and fennel sea salt challah for your Hanukkah table. You’ll also find tubs of caviar schmear if you want to add some pizzazz to your own latkes, and various pastries like rugelach and tahini chocolate chip cookies.

Brisket can be difficult to get right, but Dacha Diner’s is incredibly delicious - it’s tender, swimming in savory drippings from the pan, and only costs $11 for a big plate. This Eastern European corner spot also serves matzo ball soup (both chicken and vegetarian), challah by the slice, and latkes with sour cream and applesauce. Order online for pickup on their website.

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