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Seattle’s Delivery & Takeout Options For Every Situation

Want to have a big night in? Desperately need to stock your pantry? Here are some takeout options to make social distancing suck less.

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66 Spots
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Bars and restaurants in Seattle are closed for dine-in service, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in a corner and eat beans out of a can until you forget what plates look like. You can still order takeout and delivery - and help support a lot of businesses while you do it. If you need some ideas, here are a bunch of places that are perfect for everything from a Big Night In to When You Want To Stock Your Fridge Or Pantry. Scroll down for all the spots (organized by situation), and stay tuned for updates.

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When You Want To Have A Big Night In


$$$$ 1060 E Union St

Bateau serves the best burger in the city, and for $30, they’re selling a kit that has everything you need to make two glorious Bateau burgers at home - including a pound of ground beef, caramelized onion jam, aioli, and a couple of homemade buns. Open a bottle of red wine, cut up a potato and throw it in the oven, and you basically have Bateau in your dining room. Just without the giant chalkboard and back display window of raw meat.

Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar

$$$$ 205 108th Ave NE

If you live in Bellevue, and it’s your anniversary with your significant other, or your pet’s gotcha day, you want to celebrate right. Allow us to direct you to Seastar, our favorite upscale place on the Eastside. A three-course meal involving Dungeness crab bisque, filet mignon, and handmade artisanal chocolate truffles can be a reality with their curbside pickup. While you’re at it, all bottles of wine under $150 are 50% off.

Sushi Kappo Tamura

JapaneseSushi  in  Eastlake
$$$$ 2968 Eastlake Ave E

We live in a world where you can eat a chef’s choice omakase sushi dinner in the same space where you do yoga workout videos. To make this happen, just order from Sushi Kappo Tamura. In addition to the omakase, you can order a whole bunch of nigiri a la carte, whether that’s fatty tuna, king salmon belly, scallop seared with yuzu, geoduck, otoro, and even uni.


AmericanFrench  in  Ballard
$$$$ 6460 24th Ave NW

Copine’s weekly Sunday Supper (a takeout spread you bring home as a family-style meal) has transitioned to a Thursday-Sunday Supper - the meal consists of an entree like buttermilk fried chicken or braised pork belly, and then a bunch of side dishes. You’ll also get their delicious thyme challah rolls for you to completely overload with butter in the privacy of your own home.


$$$$ 304 6th Ave S

Seattle’s oldest Japanese restaurant is pretty hard to get into if you don’t plan ahead. But now they have online ordering, which means it’s easier than ever to get a huge spread of fried snacks like croquette and gyoza, plenty of raw fish, teriyaki, and their very tasty beef sukiyaki. And since you’ll probably eat your meal in socks, it’ll (almost) be like sitting in one of Maneki’s private tatami rooms.


$$$$ 5501 30th Ave NE

If a reasonably-priced French meal sounds up your alley, Pair is there for you. Their takeout menu is a condensed version of their regular dinner menu, so you can expect dishes like butter lettuce salad with chevre toast, moules frites, Parisian gnocchi, thyme-roasted chicken, and potato leek gratin.

Ma’ono Fried Chicken & Whisky

$$$$ 4437 California Ave SW

They say that you shouldn’t judge people based on their possessions, but if you have a pile of chicken tenders, kimchi mac and cheese, curried bacon fried rice, and maybe some spicy fried chicken on the side, we’d say you’re rolling in riches. Get all of this from Ma’Ono either for pickup or delivery online.

Deru Market

$$$$ 723 9th Ave Ste D

If you just want a fantastic farm-to-table kind of meal full of food that makes you feel good, order from Deru in Kirkland. Building a dinner involving their farm greens with roasted carrots, feta, and herbs, a couple of wood-fired pizzas, and definitely an order of rosemary parmesan fries is one of the best things you can get right now. Don’t forget to add on a round of focaccia and a couple slices of their incredible layer cakes.


$$$$ 11 Mercer St

Paju serves some of the best Korean food in town. And the squid ink fried rice with bacon and smoked quail egg, the seafood pancake topped with a tonkatsu drizzle and bonito flakes, steak bulgogi, and fried chicken wings, are going to change the way you feel about your couch. It won’t be “the place where you watch TV” anymore - it’s now going to be “the place where you can eat an amazing meal from Paju.”


$$$$ 504 5th Ave S

Besides the ramen from Momosan, you should tack on to your order a bunch of exciting snacks like gochujang popcorn shrimp, spicy wontons, softshell crab bao, duck fat fries, tuna poke, and more. You can pick up from the restaurant or have everything delivered if you live less than two miles away from their location in the ID.

Cafe Juanita

$$$$ 9702 NE 120th Pl

This upscale Italian restaurant in Kirkland has transformed into an online market full of pantry items like parmesan crackers and sourdough bread, as well as kits to make a phenomenal meal for one at home - from goat cheese nettle ravioli accompanied by mint butter to fresh tagliatelle and containers of lamb sugo, there are no wrong answers here. Unless you think you can just not add a pint of their delicious hazelnut gelato.

Where To Stock Your Fridge Or Pantry


$$$$ 3013 Beacon Ave S

This Middle Eastern restaurant on Beacon Hill has launched a new menu called “Homer At Home,” that’s available for pickup through their takeout window. On it, you’ll find a bunch of pantry staples like crusty sourdough bread, homemade hummus, labneh, granola, and balls of cookie dough to bake later (or eat raw immediately when you get back into your car). You can also order a whole-roasted chicken, which will yield a ton of leftovers for tacos, chicken salad, pot pie, and other meals. While you’re there you might as well get a braised lamb and tahini-stuffed pita and a big cup of soft serve.


Japanese  in  Fremont
$$$$ 1054 N 39th St

Seattle’s best soba is now available to boil at home, which is some of the best news we’ve heard all week. With 24-hours notice, you can order enough fresh buckwheat noodles and broth for two meals.

Windy City Pie

$$$$ 5918 Phinney Ave N

Windy City’s incredible Chicago-style pizza freezes and reheats extremely well. So even if you live alone and buy a whole pie, you can wrap up individual slices and grab one at a time when a pizza craving hits. Ignore this idea if you were planning to eat the entire pizza in one sitting.

Frankie & Jo's

$$$$ 1010 E Union St

Ben and Jerry’s have their place, but the only two names in ice cream we’re interested in are Frankie and Jo. They make outstanding coconut and cashew-based vegan ice creams in flavors like chocolate tahini and rhubarb yuzu yogurt. You can always stop by to grab some to take home, but they’re also doing a delivery special that includes five pints and a reusable cooler bag for $80.


$$$$ 2319 E Madison St

Addo launched a whole separate menu called Addo Pantry - there’s a ton of variety in what they’re offering, like Italian sauces and fresh pasta, ramen broth and noodles, homemade seasonings like fennel salt, and different cooked and raw things available in bulk like smoked salmon, cooked lechoncito pork, panzanella salad, and rice.

Bagels are an important thing to have on hand, and Mt. Bagel makes the best in town. The only catch is that they can be kind of hard to get, because it’s a one-man, online delivery operation. Currently they’re sold out through March, but watch their Instagram for their next available delivery - then you can sign up and secure a sack of chewy, garlicky everythings and tubs of spicy scallion cream cheese. They toast perfectly after a few nights in the freezer, too.

Little Ting's Dumplings

$$$$ 14411 Greenwood Ave N.

Little Ting’s is one of our favorite places for a casual weeknight potsticker feast, but you can also buy frozen dumplings in bulk. They have 13 types available from pork and fennel to chicken and seaweed, and 50 pieces only cost $26. Make sure to call ahead to pre-order (and that your freezer has room for huge bags of wontons).

DeLaurenti Food & Wine

$$$$ 1435 1st Ave

You can shop for all the fancy pantry essentials without leaving your couch. DeLaurenti, an excellent Italian market, offers same-day delivery of anything on their shelves - from olive oil and fancy dried pasta to bars of chocolate and bottles of wine. The best part is that their cheese and meat selection is massive, so you can have one more thing to look forward to while sitting around and waiting for your aged jamon iberico to arrive.

Rachel's Ginger Beer

$$$$ 1510 12th Ave

Stocking your fridge with a few growlers of tasty homemade ginger beer is a great idea, not just for sipping with lunch while you work from home, but also for mixing up Moscow mules during your virtual Happy Hour. To go with your new adventure of perfecting eggs benedict on the weekends, they have a mimosa kit available complete with a bottle of champagne, too.

Porkchop & Co.

American  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5451 Leary Ave NW

Make room in your fridge for the breakfast burritos from Porkchop & Co. - they’re filled with everything from yams and mushroom to pork belly and salsa verde. They’ll also freeze well in case you want to save them for the next week, and right now, they’re also selling staples like quarts of chicken soup, kimchi, and uncooked bacon. You can pick them up at the restaurant or order through here and here.

When You Want A Good Bottle Of Wine

Left Bank

$$$$ 8526 14th Ave S

Our favorite wine bar in town always sells natural bottles to-go, and they’re open as a contact-free, curbside operation from 2-8pm. Check them out if you’re bored with your local supermarket’s selection and you want to try something funky.


AmericanFrenchWine Bar  in  Madrona
$$$$ 1416 34th Ave

Bottlehouse in Madrona has you covered if you can’t decide what kind of wine mood you’re in. Local, French, orange, sparkling - they have everything. But it’s also a fantastic takeout operation for pairing food with your wine, too - they’re selling a bunch of excellent a la carte snacks like cheese, cured meats, baguette, sandwiches, and combination plates like the “Living Room Picnic.”

La Dive

$$$$ 721 E Pike St.

La Dive is the only wine bar in the area that’s offering delivery, which is great if you’re still working on your deck of cards pyramid and can’t leave your apartment. All you have to do is order $75 worth of great bottles of natural wine, and Venmo them. Check their Instagram for more information.


PizzaItalian  in  Ballard
$$$$ 1415 NW 70th St

This pizza spot in Ballard has transformed into a wine and beer shop from 2-8pm, so it’s perfect if you want dinner and drinks from one convenient stop. The pizza starts at 5pm, so plan accordingly.

Mercato Stellina Pizzeria

PizzaItalian  in  Bellevue
$$$$ 10000 Main St

Speaking of pizza places also selling wine, Mercato Stellina is a great Eastside choice. Grab a bottle and a sopressata pie and your coffee table date night is set. Even if your date happens to be with your iguana.

Union Saloon

Bar FoodBar  in  Wallingford
$$$$ 3645 Wallingford Ave N

To be clear, you’re going to Union Saloon to grab an order of their amazing homemade chips and onion dip. But while you’re there curbside, definitely pick up a bottle of wine - their entire list is 50% off and really long.

Petite Soif

$$$$ 3309A Beacon Ave S

If you need somewhere to fulfill your wine and caffeination quota at the same time (a valid concern), Petite Soif sells bottles of natural wine as well as coffee beans from Olympia Coffee Company.

Vif Wine and Coffee

$$$$ 4401 Fremont Ave N

Vif is doing the same thing as Petite Soif, just in Fremont instead of Beacon Hill.


$$$$ 1315 E Jefferson St

This French restaurant in the Central District is a great place for natural wine. They’re also offering a bunch of themed wine packages you can reserve online to pick up in person, including a $40 surprise bag of three bottles, a $175 collection of their favorite 6 bottles, a $200 collection of super acidic wine called “Acid Freaks,” a wild selection of funkier wines called “The Hunker Down Funkers,” and if you’re feeling really adventurous, a $425 lineup of extremely high-quality, celebratory wines.


$$$$ 1060 N 39th St

Maybe you want to drink some wine made from rice instead of grapes - Hannyatou sells bottles of sake to-go. Drink yours with some egg salad sandwich takeout from their sister restaurant, Kamonegi, next door.

Molly's Bottle Shop

$$$$ 6406 32nd Ave NW

This natural wine shop in Sunset Hill has an online store where you can order for pickup (or delivery if you live in the North Seattle area). If you’re really into natural wine, they’re selling a lot of good stuff.

When You Just Want Some Seafood

The Whale Wins

$$$$ 3506 Stone Way N

If all you want to do right now is slurp oysters on your apartment balcony, The Whale Wins understands. In addition to having unshucked oysters available for preorder (via emailing them at whale@eatseacreatures.com), this Wallingford spot is also selling fresh clams you can steam yourself, along with a container of curry cream to heat with it. And if that wasn’t enough seafood, order some grilled sardines with walnut relish.

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar

$$$$ 1521 Melrose Ave

Taylor Shellfish’s Melrose Market location is offering curbside pickup and delivery for things like Dungeness crab dinners, manila clam steamer kits and ready-to-bake Nola-style oysters (with cooking instructions for both), and fresh oysters a la carte. And if you’re planning to eat nothing but oysters for the next couple of days, you can order a variety of types online for delivery in quantities of 40-60.

Sam Choy's Poke to the Max

$$$$ 5300 Rainier Ave S

Poke is perfect for lunch or a warm-weather dinner, and Sam Choy’s serves some of the best in Seattle. The furikake-topped rice bowls and poke tacos with edamame hummus travel well, and there are a few different sauces to choose from, like traditional shoyu and spicy sriracha.


JapaneseSushi  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2401 2nd Ave

Shiro’s is a tough restaurant to get into, but now that they’re doing takeout, it’s easier than ever to pick up delicious salmon or tuna combos ($35), as well as a chirashi bowl ($35) full of fish and unagi.

Seattle Fish Guys

$$$$ 411 23rd Ave S

Seattle Fish Guys is where you should order from if you’re in the mood for seafood but that’s as far as your brain got. They have a selection of poke, smoked salmon, fresh crab, miso black cod, shrimp tempura, halibut with garlic mayo, squid salad, and probably over a dozen other options. Their menu is available all day for pickup, and they’re delivering through UberEats for lunch.

Señor Taco

$$$$ 14339 NE 20th St D.

Fish tacos are an excellent way to get your seafood fix, and the baja ones at Senor Taco in Bellevue are delicious. Each tortilla contains practically an entire filet of crispy battered fish, some shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and a creamy chipotle sauce that you can ask for on the side if you’re worried about things getting soggy. You can even get the same fried fish in a burrito.

Proper Fish

$$$$ Madison

Maybe you’d rather have your fish battered in beer instead of served cold and raw, and that’s where you can count on Proper Fish on Bainbridge Island. This spot serves British-style fish and chips as well as other things like lobster rolls, fish sandwiches, fried oysters, and lobster poutine. Their cod with thick fried potatoes are perfect for dunking in tartar sauce while watching Netflix.

When You Want Something Vegan Or Vegetarian

Kedai Makan

$$$$ 1802 Bellevue Ave

Order some turmeric net bread with lentil curry, salty tofu fried rice with a runny egg, and incredible pan mee noodles with mushrooms and crispy shallots from this iconic Malaysian spot. And, don’t forget a coconut milkshake for dessert, which you can put in your freezer for safe keeping while you eat everything else.

Harvest Beat

$$$$ 1711 N 45th St

This upscale vegan tasting menu spot is doing a few things - the first is selling a bunch of things like flourless peanut butter chocolate cookies and cashew-milk mozzarella, which all comes in handy if you’re putting together a plant-based snack spread for a virtual trivia night. They’re also selling meals for two involving a soup, salad, and main course (something like black forbidden rice risotto with mushroom gravy, smoked maple-roasted carrots, and sunchoke chips). Check their website for the full menu.

Mamnoon Street

$$$$ 2020 6th Ave

For a casual weeknight dinner meal, Mamnoon Street is one of the best spots in town. Their falafel wrap on homemade pita with pickled turnips is excellent, but there are a ton of other meatless options, from mezzes like hummus or baba ganoush to spicy harra fries with za’atar mayo. You’ll want extra sides of that mayo to keep in your fridge.

Plum Bistro

$$$$ 1429 12th Ave

Plum Bistro is one of our favorite vegan spots in the city - it’s a place that shows us that great mac and cheese doesn’t need cheese at all. Right now, they’ve implemented a nightly theme for their family-style meals, which ranges from taco night to a chick’n and waffles brunch on the weekend. You can order and find more information on their website.

Bizzarro Italian Cafe

$$$$ 1307 N 46th St

Some of the best pastas at Bizzarro don’t have any meat at all - like the pappardelle in a creamy sherry-spiked mushroom sauce, gnocchi with a cheesy roasted cauliflower sauce, and ziti with tomato, melted mozzarella, and basil. Order these with a meatless starter like eggplant parmesan or fried risotto balls.

Mount & Bao

$$$$ 12534 Lake City Way NE

Mount & Bao is an excellent restaurant for dumplings of all kinds. This includes a bunch of vegetarian options, like bao filled with carrot, mushroom dumplings, and spinach dumplings. They also have dishes like tofu rice bowls, cucumber salad, amazing dry-fried green beans, and noodles with spicy sauce.

Cafe Flora

$$$$ 2901 E Madison St

Consider Cafe Flora your one-stop shop for all kinds of vegetarian food. For breakfast, they have a popup bakehouse selling packs of take-and-bake scones, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and other pastries for breakfast (as well as juices and coffee). Lunch and dinner are lumped into one menu full of Cafe Flora favorites like portobello French dip sandwiches, cheesy mashed potato tacos, and black bean burgers. Their website has more info.

Bounty Kitchen

$$$$ 801 Lenora St

For a bunch of tasty things that involve multiple vegetables, you can order online for pickup and delivery from Bounty Kitchen. From grain bowls and a variety of salads (like a spicy Thai peanut or kale caesar) to sandwiches and juices, it’s a perfect choice if your breakfasts for the past week have been licking the frosting off cupcakes.

Cycle Dogs

$$$$ 1514 NW Leary Way

Cycle Dogs usually is the resident food truck at Peddler Brewing Company, but they’ve moved to the parking lot of Electric And Folding Bikes Northwest temporarily. It’s a great option for quick vegan fast food like loaded Field Roast hot dogs, plant-based big macs, chicken(less) sandwiches, and tofu scramble breakfast burritos. You can pick your food up, or order using any of the delivery apps.

HB Beverage Co

$$$$ 12409 NE 124th St

If you’re really in the mood for a big bowl of fruit and you live on the Eastside, get something from Healthy Bonez Beverage Company. Their smoothie bowls range from acai with hemp hearts, berries, and honey to a frozen banana bowl with peanut butter and pretzels - so it covers breakfast and dessert (or both in the same meal).

Next Level Burger

$$$$ 1026 NE 64th St

This vegan burger joint is inside the Roosevelt Whole Foods. So after you do some shopping, you can also grab a veggie burger, meatless chicken sandwich, crinkle fries, and one of their delicious cookies and cream milkshakes made with coconut soft serve for the drive home.

When You're Out Of Oreos But Still Want Something Sweet


$$$$ 1508 Melrose Ave

No, they’re not Oreos, but Mamnoon is selling freshly-baked chocolate chunk tahini cookies that you can order for delivery by calling the restaurant at 206-906-9606. Eat them by themselves, make little ice cream sandwiches out of them, or freeze for another day - the choice is yours.

R&M Dessert Bar

$$$$ 601 E Pike St

For a date night or anniversary while stuck home, R&M is a great place to order dessert from for curbside pickup or delivery. They specialize in smaller, fancier treats like chocolate almond tortes, cherry tarts, pear hazelnut crisps, and white chocolate pistachio shortbread. They’re selling wine too, in case you want something nice to pair with your pastries. Check their website for more information.

Sugar + Spoon

$$$$ 4518 The Ave

If you want to eat cookie dough but don’t feel like making the cookie dough, just order next-day delivery with Sugar & Spoon, a dessert shop in the University District. They specialize in safe-to-eat cookie dough in flavors ranging from classic chocolate chip to Thin Mint, and it’s basically like eating a pint of ice cream, except you don’t have to worry about anything melting.

Hot Cakes

$$$$ 1650 E Olive Way

It’s your birthday - all the gifts were ecards, and your party is on Zoom. However, you can still get a real cake from Hot Cakes. They’ve launched a new menu called “Birthdays Don’t Stop” which is a delivery service for molten lava cakes you can bake at home. You can even add candles for free.

Bakery Nouveau

$$$$ 1435 E John St

Bakery Nouveau has almost every kind of French pastry you can think of - macarons, cakes, tarts, cookies, and more. Right now they have contact-free pickup areas at both their Capitol Hill and West Seattle locations.

Lowrider Baking Company

$$$$ 2407 E Union St

Lowrider Baking Company is offering same-day delivery for all of your cookie needs. If you go to their website you can buy a layered cookie cake, as well as individual slices of cookie cake, pints of Full Tilt ice cream, and even half-pints of milk.

Sweet Alchemy Ice Cream

$$$$ 4301 University Way NE

While everyone’s raiding the freezer section at the supermarket, you should sit at home and get pints delivered to you from Sweet Alchemy. This ice cream spot in the U District serves excellent flavors like espresso shortbread, banana nutella, and Korean rice wine. In addition to pints, they’re offering homemade pastries for delivery, too.

Trophy Cupcakes

$$$$ 1815 N 45th St Ste 209

While all of your friends are starting artsy hobbies like cross-stitching, painting, and puppeteering intricate love triangles on The Sims 4, you could get into cupcake decorating. Trophy Cupcakes offers delivery and pickup for their DIY Decorate Your Own Dozen Kit, which comes with two flavors of unfrosted cupcakes, vanilla buttercream, and a lot of sprinkles. Maybe this is meant for children, but we see no reason why adults won’t enjoy this, too.

If you have nothing to top your ice cream but an overripe banana, gummy multivitamins, and coffee grounds, you need Shug’s Soda Fountain’s help. Their sundae kits come with two pints of ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, brownies, graham crackers, marshmallows, toasted almonds, rainbow sprinkles, and cherries. If that’s too much (we doubt it but just in case), you can also get a root beer float kit or smaller s’mores sundae or brownie sundae kits. Just be sure to pick up from their West Seattle pop-up location, not their Downtown location. Check their Instagram for more information.

when you’re sick of eating cereal for breakfast

Westman’s Bagel and Coffee

$$$$ 1509 E Madison St

This little bagel shop on Madison is doing delivery at their new website. You can order bagels, schmears, sandwiches ranging from a BEC to lox and dill cream cheese, pastries (their chocolate chip cookies and babka rolls are delicious), and coffee.

Sea Wolf Bakery

$$$$ 3621 Stone Way N

Maybe your pantry/fridge is currently pretty stocked. Perhaps you have plenty of eggs, or avocado, or preserves, and you just need some kickass bread to put them on. That’s where Sea Wolf comes in - they sell terrific bread, from tangy sourdough to dark brown rye loaves. Making impromptu French toast in your apartment will never be the same.

Bite Box

$$$$ 307 W McGraw St

We’ll always think fondly of Bite Box as that coffee shop in Queen Anne that smells like grilled beef instead of espresso beans (because they make a fantastic burger). But they also serve breakfast foods like pecan waffles, eggs with toast and potato rosti, granola with Greek yogurt, and huevos rancheros with chorizo. Right now, they’re only doing pickup - call the restaurant at 206-708-1213 to place your order.

Empire Espresso

$$$$ 3829 S Edmunds St

If you don’t feel like dusting off your Disney Princess waffle iron that burns everything it touches, just order the delicious Belgian waffles from Empire Espresso for pickup. Toppings range from lime and powdered sugar to banana and nutella, and there are vegan waffles available, too. They’re currently open from 6:30am-3pm - call them at 971-328-0048 to place an order.

Some Random Bar

$$$$ 2604 1st Ave

If you’re desperately missing your weekend ritual of eating eggs and drinking before noon, Some Random Bar is doing brunch takeout from 10am-2pm. Their menu has a ton of variety for whatever mood you’re in - biscuits and gravy, carne asada breakfast tacos, country-fried steak, hash, and more. Plus, they’re selling bloody mary kits with a vodka mini bottle for $8.

North Star Diner & Shanghai Room

AmericanDiner  in  Greenwood
$$$$ 8700 Greenwood Ave N

Speaking of weekend breakfast, North Star Diner’s doing that too for delivery or pickup. For $12, get a burrito filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, salsa roja, pico de gallo, and a coffee on the side. You can find them on most delivery apps or call the restaurant at 206-457-5794.

B-Side Foods

$$$$ 421 E Thomas St

One of the best breakfast sandwiches in town comes from B-Side, filled with mushrooms, pickled daikon, Beecher’s cheese, and spicy aioli all on an English muffin. By texting the restaurant at 206-390-7670, you can order it for pickup in advance, whether you’re grabbing a couple of these sandwiches or something else off their menu like veggie toast topped with beets, cashew butter, and za’atar.

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