Seattle Restaurants Selling Groceries & Meal Kits

34 restaurants that can help keep your kitchen stocked.

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Even if you weren’t trying to avoid grocery stores right now, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that carry DIY chicken cacciatore, soba noodle soup kits, or high-quality pizza dough with fresh mozzarella. That’s part of what makes the spots on this guide so special. Restaurants all over the city have started offering kitchen essentials for delivery or pickup to help stock your fridge, from coffee and frozen dumplings to wine and meal kits. Not only will you get delicious food, but you’ll also be helping to support local restaurants when they need you most.

The Spots




We’ll look forward to a day when we can once again sit at Archipelago’s tasting menu counter snacking on pandesal rolls, but until then, this incredible Filipino spot is selling a big “Balikbayan Box” for pickup. It contains everything you need to make either a fish or pork dinner, as well as some extra produce and some other “special surprises.” Plus, percentages of sales from each box are going directly to the Filipino Community Of Seattle’s senior meal program. You can order a box (or bottles of homemade juice, wine, and hard cider) here, but make sure to order early - they sell out quickly, and often.

“Homer At Home,” Homer’s new takeout operation, involves delicious Middle Eastern lunch and dinner takeout specials - but you can also order pantry staples like sourdough bread, hummus, bone broth, yogurt, and cookie dough. They’re only open right now Wednesday-Sunday for pickup, and you can find out more information on their website.

This incredible seafood restaurant in Fremont has introduced a CSA box complete with recipes and things like a whole chicken, eggs, produce, and a bottle of wine. Each box costs $100, and all proceeds are going to Northwest Harvest, a Washington-based organization that provides hunger relief. You can pre-order their boxes by emailing the restaurant at

This excellent Italian market (where we often stop for a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich or a cannoli), offers same-day weekday delivery of everything in the store - from olive oil and fancy dried pasta to bars of chocolate and jars of local jam. Aside from receiving a “care package” (AKA a bunch of flour and yeast) from an out-of-town relative, some four-year aged jamón Iberico is probably the best thing you could get delivered.

Seattle’s best soba is now available to boil at home, which is some of the best news we’ve heard all week. With 24-hours notice, you can order enough fresh buckwheat noodles and broth for two people. They’re also selling spicy miso ramen kits and pints of Korean tofu stew and dashi kabocha soup. For more information, check out their menu online. You can stop by to pick anything up, but keep in mind that their delivery minimum is $100 on weekdays and $120 on Friday and Saturday.

Addo launched a whole separate menu called Addo Pantry - there’s a ton of variety in what they’re offering, like Italian sauces and fresh pasta, ramen broth and noodles, homemade seasonings like fennel salt, and different cooked and raw things available in bulk like smoked salmon, cooked lechoncito pork, panzanella salad, and rice. They’ll also deliver to the entire Seattle area, including the Eastside. Check out their menu here.

Willmott’s Ghost is still making their thick Roman-style pizzas, like margheritas topped with cold mozzarella and potato pies with Fresno chile, thyme, and feta. But they’re also doing pizza kits that come with par-baked crusts and all the toppings you need to assemble a fresh Hawaiian, sausage, or pepperoni pizza by yourself. This option is only $5 cheaper than buying a fully-cooked pie, but it’s a great idea if you want a low-maintenance kitchen project or you have kids that need more entertainment than an endless loop of Frozen 2. The kits are available for curbside pickup only, from 2-8pm on Tuesday-Friday.




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Say you want to adventure with a meal kit, but you don’t want to do all of the work yourself. Joule, an excellent Korean steakhouse in Wallingford, is where you should order for dinner. They don’t have meal kits per se, but they’re selling all of their meat entrees, from kalbi short ribs to chimichurri shrimp, either cooked or raw - which means you can feel like you cooked something extraordinary, but still add on already-finished side dishes to round out your dinner. To preorder, click here.

This Wallingford restaurant is selling grocery items for pickup like butter, bars of chocolate, hot sauce, and even homemade dog treats. They’re also operating a butcher shop complete with cuts of meat like pork chops, racks of venison, sweetbreads, lamb loins, and some seafood like salmon. You can place an order directly on their website.

This bar already was selling bottles of natural wine, but they’ve just started offering some pantry items like Sea Wolf bread, homemade focaccia, tinned fish, mustards, jarred tomato, crackers, olive oil, pickles, and a few perishable snacks to store in the fridge like cheeses, white bean dip, and tuna butter with radishes. These are only available for pickup, and you can find more information on their website.

This lunchtime sandwich shop in Pioneer Square also happens to be a general store with a ton of groceries and snacks for sale, most of them local (like Fuel coffee, Ellenos Greek Yogurt, Puget Sound Kombucha, Beecher’s crackers, and more). They’re open for pickup and delivery orders, and you can check them out and place your order on their website.

The excellent bolognese and carbonara dishes at Esters are now available for delivery as kits, with pasta (gluten-free or regular) and sauces sold separately. Head to their Instagram page for more information on how to order.

Elysian Brewing Company


This brewery on Capitol Hill is selling a produce box of lettuce, grape tomatoes, red onions, broccolini, yellow potatoes, mini sweet peppers, english cucumbers, and asparagus for around $30. And if you’re up for some baking, you can add a beer bread-making kit, which has all of the ingredients (plus some extra flour) to make one lager-infused loaf. They’re also delivering - check their website for more information.

Canlis is delivering CSA boxes every Tuesday-Friday to anywhere within Seattle city limits (except for West Seattle due to the bridge closure). The boxes contain a bunch of vegetables from various farms as well as locally-sourced meats and dairy. They change every day, but they’ll always have a selection of produce and things like whole chickens, ground beef, fresh eggs, smoked salmon, fennel salami, yogurt, and more. Order online here.

If you live on Bainbridge Island, this excellent Italian spot is now offering a takeout menu called “Via Rosa a’Gogo,” and on it, you’ll find homemade pasta and sauces available in bulk, from prosciutto-stuffed ravioli to containers of pesto. They’re also selling quarts of chicken, pasta e faglioli, and zucchini soup that you can stash in your freezer for another day. Check their Facebook for more information.

Little Ting’s is one of our favorite places for a casual weeknight potsticker feast, but you can also buy frozen dumplings in bulk to pick up. They have 13 types available from pork and fennel to chicken and seaweed, and 50 pieces only cost $26. Make sure to call ahead at 206-363-3866 to pre-order (and make sure to also clear enough room in your freezer for the huge bags of wontons).

If you’re serious about making some pizza but are less serious about letting the dough rise for 24 hours, Mioposto is selling margherita and pepperoni pizza kits, as well as pantry staples like jars of caesar dressing, Calabrian peppers, mint salsa verde, olive oil, cans of tomatoes, and more. For a full list of available items, head to their website.

The Maple Leaf restaurant and butcher shop is selling everything from sweet Italian sausage to fruit-stuffed, pancetta-wrapped rabbit. For a full list of their meats, and other provisions like butter, mustard, and black garlic, check their website, and call them at 206-659-0074 to place a pickup order.

Seattle Fish Guys wants to take care of all your seafood needs - they’re offering something they call “Fish For A Week.” For $199.50, you can get a bunch of different things delivered (if you live in Seattle, Renton, or Bellevue), like miso black cod, shrimp tempura, squid salad, crab cakes, rockfish tacos, desserts, and more. Check out their Instagram for more information.

This French restaurant and natural wine bar has transformed their space into a “marché,” selling prepared foods like smoked salmon, containers of pork ragu and mac and cheese, bread, and mustards - as well as fresh things like leeks, herbs, butter, and citrus. You can stay updated on what’s in stock by checking out their Instagram.

If you want to make your friends jealous during your virtual dinner party, just pick up some pasta and sauce from Il Nido. For $15, you can get a pound of fresh pasta (pappardelle, paccheri, casarecce, campanelle, creste di gallo, or mafaldine), and for an extra $20, you can choose between a few types of sauce they’re selling by the quart - like braised beef and tomato ragu, pomodoro, pesto, mushroom cream, and puttanesca. You can also buy some of their homemade focaccia, olives, parmigiano, salsa al inferno, and bottles of wine - check their Instagram for more information.

To get baking ingredients, instead of going on yet another fruitless QFC run, just order one of Nielsen’s three delivery boxes. On Thursdays, they do a “Baker’s Box” with five pounds of flour, a dozen eggs, a half-gallon of milk, one pound of butter, and four assorted pastries thrown in for fun. On Tuesdays, you can get a “Breakfast Club” package, which comes with Greek yogurt, homemade granola, orange juice, and a DIY cardamom French toast kit. And there’s also a Saturday delivery that involves cinnamon rolls and bags of coffee beans. Email them at to sign up for any box.

Let’s say you just want a bunch of freshly-baked pastries without having to follow any recipes. Cafe Flora, a great vegetarian restaurant in Madison Valley, is selling various take-and-bake items like vegan cinnamon rolls, rosemary biscuits, walnut-currant scones, and chocolate chip cookies, as well as coffee beans for pickup or delivery. The pastry dough comes frozen to begin with, so you can bake right away or later - check out their website to place your order.

Pop up operation Brothers & Co. is now offering delivery and offering pickup from their SoDo and Fremont kitchens. They’re selling kimchi and braised beef stews, organic eggs and chile oil for your pantry, and kits to assemble ramen bowls, taco plates, and katsu dinners. Check out their website to place your order.

San Fermo started what they’re calling a “Saturday Market” where you can buy dinner kits to make dishes like saffron spaghetti bolognese, chicken cacciatore, rapini lemon risotto, and more. Just pre-order on Fridays over the phone (206-342-1530) from 12-6pm for pickup on Saturday from 12-4pm.

Cafe Juanita


This upscale Italian restaurant in Kirkland started a program called “At Home With Cafe Juanita.” They’re offering a rotating selection of menu pickup items with reheating instructions available on their website. Items include fresh pasta and sauces, pantry staples like homemade bread and crackers, and polenta, pints of gelato, bottles of wine, and bags of Herkimer coffee.

Bateau serves the best burger in the city, and for $30, they’re selling a kit that has everything you need to make two glorious Bateau burgers at home - including a pound of ground beef, caramelized onion jam, aioli, and a couple of homemade buns. You can even add to your order things like beef tallow, bone broth, preserved lemon, vegetable stock, and grass-fed steaks. Head to their website for more information.

Making ramen broth from scratch is a great cooking project - but if you won’t be able to sleep knowing that a pot of bones is simmering on an open flame all night, Ooink is offering a great shortcut. This ramen shop above the Broadway QFC sells at-home ramen kits, which comes with a pint of beef shoyu broth, an egg, bamboo, pork chashu, scallions, and homemade noodles. Check out their Instagram for more information.

This Vietnamese spot in the ID is offering a “pho later” special - a kit complete with enough broth, meat (like short ribs or brisket), rice noodles, and toppings including cilantro and jalapeño for four people, as well as an appetizer and dessert. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Zylberschtein's Deli


Zylberschtein’s is doing what they call a “Nourish in Place” menu that’s available from 8am-3pm on Wednesday-Sunday for delivery or pickup. You can order bagels, bread, soup, salads, and sandwiches, but they’re also selling lox, chopped liver, and pastrami by the pound. For your pantry, they’re also selling things like eggs, flour, honey, butter, coffee, and tubs of chai mix. Go to their website for more information.

If you want to make yourself a delicious pasta dinner, Lupo in Fremont is offering a kit for $14 that comes with fresh tagliatelle, a container of sauce (with or without Italian sausage), local butter, and parmesan cheese. Check out their website to order.

This deli and ice cream parlor in West Seattle doubles as a grocery market, and they’re offering delivery and pickup of everything in the store. Check out their Instagram page or give them a call at 206-937-2810 for more information about what’s on their shelves.

Mr. West


Bottlehouse’s sister wine bar in University Village has put together a “Pantry List” of ingredients they’re selling to restock your kitchen - the menu has dairy items like eggs and oat milk, produce like arugula and avocado, antipasti like roasted bar nuts and olives, meats like house-cured salmon, smoked chicken, and speck, and various non-perishables like crackers, chips, and granola. You could feasibly buy everything you’d need at the grocery store by placing a delivery order from them.

Kitanda Brazilian Espresso


We usually head to this Brazilian cafe’s Green Lake location for acai bowls after a workout, but their Kirkland location also has groceries available for pickup. You can head to their online shop to place your order in advance for things like tea, cookies, breadcrumbs, seasonings, baking supplies, and their delicious homemade vanilla bean pumpkin seed granola.

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