25 Seattle Pop-Ups To Know About Right Now

A running list of pop-ups to check out in Seattle before they’re gone.

Over the past few months, everything about the Seattle food landscape has changed - that is, unless you used to eat takeout on the couch all the time. With all of the new limitations and uncertainty in dining, restaurants have had to get creative. While many spots have shifted to special takeout menus, others have used this as an opportunity to launch and/or host pop-ups. From smashburgers and malted soft serve to Pakistani soul food, we’ll be keeping track of them here and telling you how to get them. Many of these sell out quickly, so be ready to drop everything and run like your dinner depends on it.

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The Pop-Ups



A few Thursdays a month, Garzon pops up at Fair Isle Brewing in Ballard. You can expect Latinx street food, like chicharron with lime, twice-fried plantains, guisada gyoza, arroz con pollo, and steak milanesa. To read when they’ll be popping up next, check out their website.

Mixtape is a pop-up that sells fresh pasta at many different Saturday pickup locations - Marseille on Capitol Hill from 10am-4pm, Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown from 12-7pm, Champion Wine Cellars in Greenwood from 1:30-7pm, and Sound And Fog in West Seattle from 3-5pm. Typically the menu will have a few different types of uncooked fresh pasta infused with ingredients like white wine, chicory, or mushrooms - as well as sauces, compound butters, and vegan options. You can learn more at their Instagram.

This is a farm-to-table Peruvian pop-up that operates out of a commissary kitchen in Mt. Baker, offering set prix-fixe menus for takeout. The menus change, but expect something like seafood paella, cucumber chili salad, and sweet potato bars for dessert (with a vegetarian option available). You can place your order here or check out their Instagram page for more information.

Your Kuyas is a new Filipino pop-up that also operates out of Sam Choy’s. You can expect things like a longanisa burger with calamansi coleslaw, a beef mechado dip sandwich, ube sticky rice, and more. Check out their Instagram for updates.

Caliste's Creole Cuisine

This Creole pop-up happens at Beacon Hill’s Hanford Night Market, which is typically on Sundays from 12-8pm. They specialize in Louisiana-style po’boys, from crispy catfish or oysters to a vegetarian fried pickle version, all on Leidenheimer bread from New Orleans. Stay updated on future dates on their Instagram page.

This pizzeria pop-up happens at Vif Wine & Coffee’s parking lot in Fremont on Sundays from 3-7pm. You can choose between four wood-fired pies made from local-grain flour, and they all feature toppings that range from pepperoni and pickled peppers to smoky eggplant and za’atar. Preorders typically become available on Thursdays on Tock, but they sell out quickly.

You may have seen this ramen-and-tacos pop-up at the Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays, or maybe you ordered one of their excellent meal kits during quarantine this past spring. They also have been popping up at Fair Isle Brewing every Friday from 4-8pm, as well as Populuxe Brewing on some Sundays from 2-7pm. The menu skips their usual ramen and tacos and instead features a fried chicken sandwich, a bulgogi-seasoned mushroom melt, poke bowls, french fries, and salads. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Juice Club


According to Juice Club’s Instagram page, we’re not really supposed to “f*cking tell anybody” about them. We’re doing it anyway because we like them a lot, and it’s our job. Back before the pandemic, this natural wine pop-up set up shop at Dacha Diner and B-Side Foods, and it was where you’d find us on a Saturday night, sipping pet nat, and blowing another friend’s mind by introducing them to their first glass of orange wine. While these parties are a thing of the past right now, Juice Club still has a bunch of bottles on a curated shelf at Union Coffee. This Central District espresso bar is open from 8:30am-4:30pm, but the Juice Club team sells their selections on Tuesday-Saturday from 12-6pm.



Yes, this is a pop-up within a pop-up, a.k.a Popupception - which is similar to the Christopher Nolan film, only the food’s doing all the mind-blowing. Doughbaby is yet another pizza operation serving a few pies on naturally-leavened dough, alongside a salad option - and they’ve most recently set up shop at Juice Club, the natural wine pop-up at Union Coffee. Place a preorder by DM-ing Doughbaby on their Instagram.

Lenox is also part of the Popupception universe - they’re hosting takeout dinners in collaboration with Cookie’s Country Chicken at Sneaky Tiki in Georgetown. This Caribbean smokehouse specializes in meats like mojo pulled pork, Longaniza hot links, and candied ribs, alongside sides like Cuban black beans, fried plantains, and watermelon salad with cotija. Stay updated on the menu, how to preorder, and more by following them on Instagram.

Rough Draft Burger Shop


It’s hard to pass up on a cheesy smashburger chased with a pile of waffle fries, and Rough Draft Burger Shop understands this indisputable fact. This burger joint had roots in Seattle before moving to Portland, but they pop-up every now and then at Good Day Donuts in White Center. You can check out their current whereabouts on Instagram.

Bootleg Barbecue


Popping up at breweries like Holy Mountain and Fair Aisle, Bootleg Barbecue is a Texas-style operation that serves smoked meats like brisket, hatch-cheddar sausages, tasso pulled pork, and sides like pimento cheese and old bay potato salad. Exact locations and times vary, but you can stay posted on their Instagram.



Are burgers a type of sandwich? That’s an argument for another day, even though it should be known that the very first one in America was called a “hamburger sandwich.” Anyway, Hitchcock Deli is a great sandwich shop on Bainbridge Island that can now add burgers to their repertoire with their Sacka-Burgers pop-up. They’re serving smashburgers, fries, battered mushrooms, and malted soft serve from 12-7pm.

Vee Tacos


Vee Tacos is a vegan Mexican pop-up from the team behind Bounty Kitchen, and you can find these plant-based tacos from 5-8pm at their Denny Triangle location on Saturdays and at the Queen Anne location on Sundays. The tortillas are homemade, and the filling options range from carnitas jackfruit with avocado crema, grilled corn, and pickled onion, blackened chayote squash with chipotle crema, cabbage, radish, and blistered tomato, hearts of palm ceviche with cactus and cucumber, and mushroom al pastor with plenty of pineapple.

It’s hard not to become an instant fan of the Danish pop duo Junior Senior after your first time listening to “Move Your Feet.” Just try to get through a verse without at least tapping a toe. Similarly, it’s pretty impossible not to fall for Dantini after one slice (nay, bite) of pepperoni pie topped with sweet, buttery confit garlic. This pizza pop-up is stationed at Harry’s Fine Foods every Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Pies (choose between cheese, pepperoni garlic, a lemony white pie, a rotating special, and a vegan variety with tofu ricotta) are available for preorders starting every Thursday at 7pm through Dantini’s website - and if you miss the cut, you can still grab a slice at their walk-up window. Occasionally, Dantini will sell pizza on an additional day of the week at another location, so keep an eye on their Instagram.

Blotto is another choice on Capitol Hill if you’re in the mood for pizza, only these naturally-leavened pies are available on Thursday from 5:30-8pm with preordering happening on Mondays at noon. The toppings change regularly (with a couple of examples being n’duja and kale or corn and smoked mozzarella with lemon cream), but you’ll always see a cheeseless vegan tomato pie, one with cheese and chilies, and sides of ranch you can add on. Pickup is at the Broadway Alley building, inside and through the back.

If you love Sea Wolf, chances are you’ll also love the pizza they bake every Monday that’s known as pop-up “Moon Pizza.” The toppings change each month, but in August they served a margherita with a tangy avocado sauce for dipping as well as a white pie with ricotta, lemon aioli, corn, sesame, fresh herbs, and a lime wedge. Moon Pizza also sells cake slices from Deep Sea Sugar & Salt, which is a very big deal if you’ve ever waited in line at the Georgetown bakery to get some. The one thing to note is that the crust here feels more like eating pizza toppings on a squished-down loaf of sourdough - but this is far from a bad thing as Sea Wolf makes stupendous bread.

Karachi Cowboys


This Pakistani soul food pop-up bounces around between venues - they’ve been operating out of B-Side Foods for a few weeks, and most recently set up shop at Fair Isle Brewing in Ballard. Their menu is short and sweet, and you can expect things like curried nut mix, chana masala, aloo sliders with tamarind BBQ sauce, and homemade damiana lemon soda. Stay updated on their Instagram.

Located on the sidewalk above a couple of shrubs, Old Scratch is L’Oursin’s casual takeout pop-up. Here you’ll find little Southern sandwiches, from smashburgers and popcorn shrimp to a smoked tofu BBQ sandwich that’s just as meaty as a slab of brisket. They’re also selling Southern pantry items like Bojangles french fry seasoning, Duke’s mayonnaise, and those gloriously mediocre Toast Chee peanut butter crackers. You know, the ones you used to get from vending machines as a last resort only to find out that they expired two-and-a-half years prior.

Cookie's Country Chicken


We’re in the midst of a fried chicken boom in Seattle - dozens of bone-in pieces and tenders seemed to have materialized out of thin air in the past few months. We’re not mad about it. Cookie’s Country Chicken is one spot in particular that’s offering crispy wings, drumsticks, thighs, sandwiches, and even country-fried cauliflower out of Sneaky Tiki, a bar in Georgetown. Cookie’s is available Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am-9pm, Fridays from 11am-10pm, and Saturdays from 12-10pm.

Three Sacks Full


This farm-to-table operation is a pop-up takeout restaurant with pickups happening at La Medusa in Columbia City on Wednesdays and Ebb And Company in Bryant on Thursdays. Their menu includes local seafood/meat entrees and a ton of side dishes featuring seasonal produce that you can mix and match to make your own dinner. If you pick up at La Medusa, you have the option to add bottles of wine, and if you pick up at Ebb And Company, you have the option to add homemade desserts and sourdough boules.

Pomerol is a French spot in Fremont, but they’re not serving their own menu right now. Instead, from Tuesday-Saturday from 4-8pm, the kitchen is operating as an Indian pop-up restaurant called Meesha. You can expect dishes like butter chicken, snapper curry, cardamom rice, dal bukhara, and more. Place an online order on their website.

Sweet Nothings And More

Sweet Nothings & More is a pastry pop-up that sells various cookies, croissants, candy, and “piñata cakes,” a.k.a. a thin layer-cake-shaped chocolate that comes with a wooden mallet to break the chocolate open to reveal things like more chocolate or little bottles of whiskey. You can check out their schedule here or stay updated on their Instagram.

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