Where To Eat Brunch Outside

Our favorite places in Seattle for brunch under the sun.
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You don’t need to convince us that having brunch outdoors is a great way to spend a summer morning and/or afternoon. Rounding up your friends for some champagne-spiked OJ and eggs benedict is a good time already, so add higher temperatures, sunshine, and patio furniture you wish you owned, and it’s a real party. Here are our 12 favorite spots in the city to experience a brunch under the sun.




Capitol Hill

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If you got less vitamin D this past winter than one of those saltwater organisms that live near the ocean floor (such as the giant tube worm), a brunch on Terra Plata’s rooftop garden should help you feel like a functioning human again. The Spanish-inspired menu is excellent across the board, whether you go for a roast pork hash with Spanish red sauce or just do cocktails, churros, and cinnamon rolls. But no matter what, grab one of their excellent manchego biscuits.

If you’re looking for a brunchtime serotonin rush without having to snuggle a puppy or pop a molly, just spend some hours out on Dreamland’s balcony patio. The whimsical space-galaxy-jungle-grotto surroundings make this diner feel like a hazy movie mashup of Jurassic ParkAlien, and Xanadu in the best way possible. They serve classic dishes like three-egg breakfasts and hashes, but you'll also find a monte cristo, chicken and waffles (which you absolutely should order with their incredible vegetarian chicken), and snacks like pimento cheese with fried saltines or biscuits with strawberry jam and butter. To keep the party going, you could order a $99 large-batch margarita served in disco balls alongside salty pucker powder-rimmed glasses.

Sometimes, you don't want to go through the whole rigamarole of waiting to sit down, ordering a round of ice waters, listening to the server talk through "how the menu works," and finally heading home two hours later. But if you're still in the market for some great brunch while hanging out on a patio, Saint Bread is the place. This bakery on Lake Union serves everything from jam-stuffed pastries to avocado toast, and their BEC on sugared melonpan is one of the best breakfast sandwiches in town. Best part is, the whole operation is counter-service.

Another great counter option, The Flora Bakehouse has a very aesthetically-pleasing rooftop that's perfect for spreading out at a picnic table with an iced cardamom rose latte and a croissant that will end up flaking all over the place. If you're hungry for something larger, this vegetarian bakery also serves breakfast sandwiches, frittata, and vegan burritos.

Our favorite diner in town happens to have a fantastic back patio full of long tables and string lights. They also happen to make delicious hash browns and pancakes. And if you want a tuna melt and some fries for brunch instead, go for it. We can’t stop you (nor would we want to).

Sawyer is permanently closed

Sawyer’s menu is all about combining two dishes to engineer something that’s better than the sum of its parts. Sunday brunch in their light-blasted Ballard space is no exception. We’re talking about things like bananas foster skillet pancakes, or a Taco Bell-inspired crunchwrap supreme filled with scrambled eggs, tender rotisserie chicken, and tangy ‘nduja queso. Their covered patio is available by reservation only, so plan accordingly and you’ll be dunking garlicky fried potatoes in buttermilk ranch and drinking cola cocktails with cherry wine and vanilla tincture in no time. And don’t forget an order of cinnamon roll monkey bread.

Can Bar in White Center has one of the best patios in town, complete with a fence made exclusively from mismatched doors, a fire table, and Rainier-branded umbrellas. It also happens to be a fantastic place for a casual outdoor brunch, whether the weather is warm or you’re underneath their tented cover in the winter. You’re in good hands with a tasty grilled breakfast burrito, chilaquiles with homemade tortilla chips, or their unsung hero of an arugula salad loaded with cucumber, avocado, feta, dried cranberries, fried shallots, pepitas, and a sweet basil dressing.

Pancakes and biscuits and gravy get all the brunch-food love—unless you’re eating at RockCreek. Seafood is front and center here, so you can get things like a prawn bánh mì, a fried oyster po’boy, or the same amazing shrimp and grits that are served during dinner. Do it all on the outdoor balcony surrounded by string lights and a firepit. And if you want to, you can still go nuts with some pancakes and biscuits and gravy.

The secret back patio garden at Oddfellows is a narrow space filled with bistro tables, a ton of exposed brick, and string lights aplenty. Sit there on a brunch date, eat some of the best scrambled eggs in the city, alongside some homemade biscuits with raspberry jam, and feel like you’re in some kind of French indie movie with a name like Je Suis.

Gather all of your friends for a brunch at Pablo y Pablo, because this place has three things you’ll want to get involved with: picnic tables outside, blood orange margaritas, and chilaquiles. You could also get a chopped salad, or a couple of a la carte tacos (we like the steak). Starting with an avocado tostada topped with a fried egg isn’t a bad idea, either.

“Rooftop dim sum” is not a phrase you hear every day in Seattle, unless you have a friend who makes you dumplings on top of their three-story townhome. But the balcony at Monsoon is the perfect place for a brunch of shumai, pork buns, and wontons. If you're still hungry after all of that, throw in a few vermicelli bowls.

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