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The Best Things We’ve Eaten Lately

A running list of the best dishes we’ve had recently.

13 Spots
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13 Spots
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Updated September 14th, 2020

Seattle is open for outdoor dining, which means there are over 100 restaurants where you can eat outside today. And if you can’t decide where to start, or you’d rather order something great for takeout, you have some pretty fantastic pickup and delivery options. That’s why we’re highlighting the best dishes we’ve had recently, all of which are available for takeout right now. From ice cream cones to garlic mashed potatoes, here’s a look into our personal food journals.

If you’ve had a great dish that you want to share with our team, send us an email at seattle@theinfatuation.com. Now, on to the dishes.


Joyce's Market And Cafe

$$$$ 2717 E Union St

S’mores Cookie

“As summer comes to a close, it’s important to reflect, and ask yourself if your s’more consumption lived up to what it was last year. If you decide you need more, I highly recommend popping into Joyce’s Market and grabbing what is the greatest dessert I’ve had in the past few months. This soft-but-sturdy cookie has nutty brown sugar, shards of dark chocolate, and a torched marshmallow, all baked on top of a graham cracker. One taste is enough to put even the most architecturally-pristine campfire s’more to shame.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer


$$$$ 1222 E Pine St

Zesty Crispy Chicken

“I’ve had the same significant other since 2008, and while trust, honesty, and affection are important to us, the core foundation of our relationship was built upon sneaking bites of each other’s food. And what have I stolen lately from my partner without asking? That would be Manao’s incredible zesty crispy chicken stir fry. The creamy coating has all the tartness and sweetness of a key lime pie filling, only here it’s wrapped around some nuggets of fried thigh meat. This dish alone makes this corner spot one of the best Thai restaurants in the city.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

Donburi Station

$$$$ 5503 Airport Way S


“I am constantly on the lookout for places where I can get excellent raw fish without feeling like I threw my wallet into Lake Washington. The newest spot in town where I can achieve this joyous feeling is at Donburi Station in Georgetown. If you also love to feel this way and have $15.50 to part with, their chirashi is filled with so much fish including tuna, chopped toro, eel, albacore, shrimp, salmon, yellowtail, and masago all over rice. This bowl makes me want to hug every single fisherman and tell them thank you, I appreciate you, and I love you.”

- Carlo Mantuano, Staff Editor

Lady Jaye

$$$$ 4523 California Ave SW

Prime Bulgogi Short Rib Melt

“I never thought that there could be a sandwich from Lady Jaye that could compete with their fried bologna, but here comes their brand new prime bulgogi short rib melt. I may have completely destroyed my 2001 Camry by eating this glorious, drippy mess of sesame-marinated beef, spicy mayo, pickled carrots, and melty American cheese in the front seat, but truth be told, that car’s been through worse.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

B-Side Foods

$$$$ 421 E Thomas St

Egg Sandwich With Ham

“I promise I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that the breakfast sandwich from B-Side is sometimes my only motivator to get out of bed in the morning. It’s hard to articulate precisely what makes it so brilliant - the pickled daikon? The neatly-folded scallion scrambled egg? The paper-thin country ham? Or maybe it’s just the holy, serotonin-inducing combination of it all. The sandwich, which comes on a soft, toasted English muffin, is packed with flavor and deceivingly filling for its size - and you should order one immediately. Grab an iced latte next door from Analog to wash it down.”

- Julia Chen, Editorial Assistant

Lil Red Takeout

$$$$ 4225 Rainier Ave S

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

“For some reason, I grew up with an obsession for mashed potatoes. In fact, I used to (and still do) lovingly call them ‘mashies.’ That said, I hold pulverized spuds to a high standard, and it’s my firm belief that ones from Lil Red are the best in town. They’re seasoned perfectly with a bunch of garlic and spices - which makes them taste just as comforting on their own as they do in the same bite as a mouthful of smoked brisket and cheesy macaroni. Also, forget gravy - just douse the heck out of these garlic mashies with Lil Red’s jerk sauce.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

Tyger Tyger

$$$$ 114 Republican St

Yu Xiang Eggplant Fries

“I have a friend who really hates eggplant. He’s written up a manifesto about his dislike for it and has called me vain for enjoying it. Well, Cary, I wish I could serve you the ‘Yu Xiang Eggplant Fries’ from Tyger Tyger. Each piece is so soft and tender, super garlicky, and has soaked up a bunch of delicious black vinegar and juice from the pickled chiles. All of you eggplant haters out there, please give this dish a try.”

- Carlo Mantuano, Staff Editor

Tyger Tyger

$$$$ 114 Republican St

Pork Dumplings

“Look, I love the aubergine as much as the next person. But I’m here to make a case for Tyger Tyger’s handmade dumplings. Slick with chili oil and stuffed with flavorful ground pork, they’re the real crown jewels of this Queen Anne Sichuan spot’s takeout operation. But you should also add a side of fried eggplant because Carlo told you to.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

Yeh Yeh's

Yeh Yeh's Sandwiches

$$$$ 19915 64th Ave W

Grilled Pork Banh Mi

“This summer, I’ve been on a bit of a banh mi kick, which has turned into a months-long pursuit of the best one in Seattle. And I’m happy to report that the grilled pork banh mi from Yeh Yeh’s is a top contender. Their house-baked baguette is stuffed with a generous helping of tender marinated pork, pickled daikon and carrots, jalapeño, cucumber, and mayo - plus, it’ll only run you $5.95. If you can make it to Lynnwood, this is a sandwich that’s absolutely worth the trip.”

- Julia Chen, Editorial Assistant

King's Deli

$$$$ 2800 E Cherry St Ste C

“There’s no shortage of soft serve in Seattle, but being from Long Island, I had given up on finding a suitable stand-in for Mr. Softee. But then I stumbled upon King’s Deli. It’s a convenience store in the CD that serves fried chicken and jojos, but they also sell massive vanilla/chocolate cones for two dollars. On a hot Seattle day (so, 75 degrees) when nothing but a creamy swirl in a cake cone will cure any grumpiness you’ve got, King’s Deli is the place.”

- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

Sazon D'la Baja

$$$$ 2232 Queen Anne Ave N

Diabla Shrimp Torta

“My summer strategy has been to eat as many tortas as possible (this city has some great ones) and to enjoy a picnic in one of Seattle’s parks. I was recently able to do both by picking up a “Diabla Shrimp Torta” and taking it to eat in Gas Works Park. Besides spilling the delicious spicy shrimp juice all over my shorts and being made fun of by some neighboring picnickers for taking a picture of my food, I had an excellent time.”

- Carlo Mantuano, Staff Editor

Kedai Makan

$$$$ 1802 Bellevue Ave

Chili Turmeric Fried Chicken

“In the Before Times, a long wait at Kedai Makan was one of the only constants in life. And now, while you should still order ahead to reduce said wait time, getting your hands on their incredible turmeric fried chicken no longer requires two hours of obsessively checking your phone for a “your table is ready” text. The crunchy, flavorful chicken is served over jasmine rice, alongside a spicy mint chutney, cucumber, and pickled onions. Don’t forget to order a side of roti jala.”

- Julia Chen, Editorial Assistant


$$$$ 1315 E Jefferson St

BBQ Tofu Sandwich

“There are so many sandwiches in this city. Crab rolls. Turkey clubs. Fried Chicken. But the options are limited if you’re looking to have a meatless moment. At L’Oursin’s new takeout pop-up called Old Scratch, they are serving a smoked tofu sandwich covered in BBQ sauce and slaw on a potato roll. The smoke doesn’t overpower anything, the bun is fluffy, and the tofu itself is just as beefy as a slab of ribs. Take a break from your BLT (sans the B) and grab this for lunch instead.”

_- Aimee Rizzo, Staff Writer

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