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7 Great Burritos To Try In Seattle

If you’re looking for an excellent meal wrapped in a tortilla, you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many things to love about burritos. They’re perfectly engineered for takeout, the filling possibilities are endless, and they’re great vehicles for salsa. If you need a full meal in one convenient package, it just doesn’t get much better. And these seven tortilla-enveloped masterpieces are some of our favorites in the city right now.

The Spots


Chilolos in Georgetown makes our favorite burrito in town because all of the elements are layered flawlessly, from fluffy rice and pinto beans to crisp romaine and outstanding carnitas. Then, they grill the whole thing to melt the cheese, seal the toppings in, and toast that tortilla to its full potential.

Birrieria Tijuana

The stewed beef at this taqueria located inside a Mexican grocery store in Burien is so good that we would be content eating a beach pail full of it as a meal. But add in a seared tortilla alongside rice, some of the best pinto beans in town, cheese, and a generous helping of their spicy red salsa on the side, and it’s a complete home run. Don’t forget to order a cup of consommé for dipping.

Burritos are big by nature. But if you’re in the mood for a little one as a treat, order one from Tacos Chukis. Theirs don’t have any rice at all, making way for the good stuff—their stupendous adobada pork, onion, cilantro, salsa, and guacamole. Plus, they’re less than $5, which is great if you’re looking to save some money to buy more burritos.

We remember watching the staff at this takeout window on Denny and Olive toss some shredded cheese directly onto the hot griddle. After it bubbled and developed a crust, they scooped it into the tortilla—and we were instantly sold. But crispy cheese is just one of the things that make Carmelo’s burritos so good. The other is their campechano filling: a salty and tasty combination of chorizo, steak, nopales, and diced potatoes, which tastes great doused in their salsa roja.

Señor Taco in Bellevue serves the best Baja tacos in the area—and they offer the same battered fish in burrito form. Much like the tacos, these burritos are filled with an excellent creamy chipotle sauce, citrusy pico de gallo, and crunchy red cabbage. And fish or no fish, we highly recommend ordering your burrito “California-style,” a.k.a. adding Señor Taco’s housemade shoestring french fries.

This aptly-named taqueria on Beacon Hill shreds their carnitas to-order, which keeps the meat juicy, piping hot, and the star of their burrito. It pairs particularly well with the gooey melted cheese, sour cream, and an herby punch from some cilantro. If you’re not into pork, Carnitas Michoacan’s flavorful marinated carne asada is the unsung meat hero of the menu.

The building that houses Rancho Bravo used to be a KFC, and the drive-through is still operational—so it’s perfect if you want to grab some tacos but don’t feel like getting out of your car. We always keep this spot in mind for a reliable and fast pulled-chicken burrito (as well as really tasty taquitos for a snack). It’s also important to note that while their housemade salsa verde is a suitable burrito companion, their chipotle cream is pretty incredible, and you should absolutely completely cover your burrito with it.

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