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Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen


3150 24th St, San Francisco
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We brought some prejudice to the table on our first visit to Wise Sons. Hipster deli deep in the Mission? Pastrami as good as Langer's or Katz's? Matzo Ball Soup as good as 2nd Ave Deli? We'll believe it when we taste it.

Sure enough, the food didn't meet those ridiculously high standards. The pastrami is not as good as the best of the best, nor does the matzo ball soup stand with the offerings from New York's finest. Our prejudices were confirmed, or so we thought.

But we've started going back to Wise Sons recently, and have come to realize that we were missing the forest for the trees. While many of the individual items are not the capital-G-Greatest version of that thing you've ever had, Wise Sons is, on net, a great place to eat.

Especially at breakfast. If there's a better place in town to stroll in on a sunny Sunday morning, order some eggs, and sit back and read a goddamn NEWSPAPER like the septuagenarian we secretly want to become...we ain't seen it yet. And those eggs will be good. The challah? Good. Breakfast sandwiches? Damned good.

Nostra culpa, Wise Sons. We were unfair. You're not a deli for tourists stacking smoked meats and taking pictures. You're one for menu-spelunking and hanging out on early mornings. For that, we love you more.

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Food Rundown

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen review image

Semite Sandwich

The super-delified version of an Egg McMuffin. Badass, will help you work off your hangover.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen review image


Just a nice egg and salmon plate with a bialy kicker. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

Challah French Toast

Looks as good as it tastes, and it looks insanely good. Unweave that illogical wordplay at your own risk.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen review image

Pastrami Sandwich

As established: OK, but not up with the big boys. So let's take a diversion down Langer's shout-out lane. It seems every up-and-coming deli, including this one, has an ode to the famous #19. But the true pros know that the #1 is in fact the sandwich king. That extra slab of swiss? Pure ornamentation.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen review image

Matzo Ball Soup

It's warm soup, which we hear is good for a cold day. Not that we have any more of those in this drought-ravaged desert scape they call California.

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