Una Pizza Napoletana

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Una Pizza Napoletana is crazy good. We said Emilia’s was #1 in the Bay, but some days we’re convinced it’s this spot.

Either way, it’s a titan of the dining scene. It’s also located inside the city limits, so let’s just go with this: Una Pizza Napoletana is the best pizza in San Francisco.

The restaurant is constructed as if it’s a small church, with a giant brick oven as altar. Working the altar is just one man—Anthony Mangieri. With a skeleton crew (usually him and two servers), he manages to create one of SF’s best dining experiences.

The secret is in the dough. It’s dense, rich, flavorful, and just a bit chewy in that perfect Neopolitan way. It’s f*cking amazing. Sometimes it seems like it’s going to liquefy in your mouth. That sounds pretty dirty. But you want it.

The topping options are basically small variations on a margherita. The variations are all incredible. This is the kind of place that only serves meat on one pizza one day a week (Saturday), and we aren’t complaining. There is nothing besides pizza on the menu. How’s that for focus?

Get at least one pie per person. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Pair it with some lambrusco. Life is good.

Food Rundown


The classic done exactly right.


This is heresy but we might like this even more than the margherita. It has even fewer toppings, but the tomato and garlic are f*cking perfect with the godly dough.


The assortment of cherry tomatoes on top of this pie adds a nice colorful crunchy element. Great for those instagram #eeeeeats shots. That said, they’re a tiny bit watery—as tomatoes are—and the crust-dousing that results is a bit sub-optimal. (This is getting technical.) It’s a personal preference thing, but we like the less-adorned options.


This also comes with the cherry tomatoes, and our president’s favorite—arugula. We like it too. For some reason the crunchy greens balance out the tomato water a bit, so we actually like the texture better than the filetti. The smoked mozzarella is…polarizing. It’s interesting, but is it better than the regular? We’re gonna say no.


A nice cheesy/salty change of pace, and the closest thing to the taste of the meat pie on non-Saturdays. Good to get in the rotation.


Has Mr. Mangieri been making this pizza since Prince was on Apollonia? It tastes like it. The only meat option on the menu (Saturdays only) tastes like a cheesy white pie souped up with umami juice (egg and salami). In other words, it’s incredibly rich and delicious. We recommend this to split unless you carry a packet of MSG to “season” most of the food you eat.

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