The Ramp

Places like The Ramp should always exist and always be in your rotation no matter what kind of person you are. It’s a restaurant and bar by the water in Dogpatch that feels a lot more like you’re drinking in an old Miami port than than a few miles away from landmarks named after SAAS companies or Facebook.

This place is ideal for day drinking with a bunch of friends - especially friends who dance because Salsa Saturdays are more fun than any brunch gimmick in the Marina could ever concoct. Old, young, amateur dancer, or semi-pro, it doesn’t matter - the good dancers will teach the bad, even if you’re strangers, because this place is more about having fun than looking cool. And if you’re actually a bad dancer and not just someone who claims to be, they serve BBQ on the weekends. Go for a sausage and pepper sandwich or some pulled pork while you google where to get dance lessons.

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