Son’s Addition

Maybe you’re tired of the franken-salad you’ve had for dinner the past three nights, or you need a break from the hour of ABBA that your roommate likes to blast after he gets home from work. Whatever the reason, you want to have some reliably good and interesting food somewhere that’s nicer than your junk mail-covered dining room table. Son’s Addition is a neighborhood restaurant in the Mission perfect for these nights, and while it’s not worth crossing five hills to get to, it’s a good weeknight spot if you live nearby.

The menu at Son’s Addition is divided into three sections - bites and raw, small plates, and large plates - but everything is sharable, which makes it a good spot for a small group to go and order just about everything. If you want something simple and classic, the burger and pork chop are both delicious, but some of the more creative dishes, like the poached chicken with fermented soybean salsa, or yellowtail collar with tomatillo and fish sauce, are where you should spend your time and money.

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photo credit: Krescent Carasso

The space is bright, always full of regulars, and feels just a few steps away from a private dinner party that you somehow snuck into. It’s a definite step up from eating in your crowded apartment, and you’ll walk out of here happy with whatever you ate, but not worried that you missed anything by not ordering it.

Son’s Addition isn’t the best restaurant in San Francisco, but it’s clearly not trying to be. Instead it’s a solid neighborhood spot doing its part to make sure people in the Mission can get a high quality meal within walking distance of where they live, and have an escape from whatever musical torture their roommates are currently putting them through.

Food Rundown

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Kimchi and Bacon Deviled Egg

The bacon on top overpowers the kimchi flavor, but if you’re a big fan of deviled eggs, order one or two to start.

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Charred Spanish Octopus

The octopus is well cooked and the spicy chickpea puree (pronounced “hummus”) is great. All the flavors work really well together, but the potatoes - which were cold - throw it off a bit.

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Poached Chicken and Crispy Skin

We don’t typically get too excited about anything with the word “poached” in front of it, but this is actually our favorite thing on the menu. Make sure you get a piece of the crispy chicken skin on top before whoever you’re with steals it all.

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Broiled Yellowtail Collar

Just like an unassembled Ikea wardrobe, this dish is a little difficult to attack and could benefit from a how-to guide. The best way we found is scraping the meat off the bone all at once and then passing it around the table.

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Marin Sun Farms Burger

If you’re still hungry after a few small plates, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on a larger dish, the burger is the way to go. It’s big enough to split without making you feel like you needed the other half. The charred scallion aioli on the bottom is delicious and so are the fries it comes with.

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Grilled Duroc Pork Chop

After a lifetime of being scarred by Shake’n Bake attempts gone horribly wrong, it’s nice to eat a properly cooked pork chop. This could feed two people as a sole large plate, or three to four people if you’re getting something else.

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Hand Pie

There’s no physical dessert menu at Son’s Addition, but if the hand pies with cherries, peaches, and salted caramel sauce are available when you eat here, make sure they’re on your table.