Sistory Thai Kitchen

When’s the last time you had lobster ravioli tom kha at your neighborhood Thai restaurant? We’re going to assume the answer is, “Wait, what is lobster ravioli doing in my tom kha?” Sistory Thai in Berkeley sets itself apart by serving exciting Thai dishes we don’t often see at other casual spots we rely on for quick dinners before slouching on the couch. Aside from the lobster ravioli in creamy coconut broth, there are other dishes that hold our attention, too. The crispy cod tacos are wrapped in the flakiest roti and topped with mayo. The Northern Thai specialty, kanoom jeen nam ngew, is a big bowl of luxurious pork rib stew with vermicelli noodles, minced pork, and pickled vegetables. And the two-toned melon spritzer arrives in a tall glass resembling a chemistry class beaker. Like any great neighborhood restaurant, this place is charming, with faux brick walls, flowers, friendly servers, and happy people filling the tables in the small space.