Shoshin Sushi

To say fans of Daigo, the long-running Richmond sushi staple, were devastated when it closed in the summer of 2022 is like saying Michelle Yeoh is just a “good” actor—an understatement of the century. But on the bright side, the old space is now occupied by a sushi newcomer that’s just as exciting. Shoshin Sushi is the answer to all your casual weeknight sushi needs. The low-key spot has range: You can walk in alone for some quality nigiri at the bar, meet a few friends to inhale fantastic baked rolls doused in spicy aioli, or have an extra fancy date night with their $80 omakase. Whatever you do, start things off with the decadent “Daigo Shot,” a nod to the old menu favorite that comes with yellowtail, truffle ponzu, and a tiny quail egg yolk.

Food Rundown

Baked Salmon Roll

Everything you want in a baked roll is in this one. Spicy aioli oozes down the sides of the foil-wrapped sauce bomb in a borderline seductive way. Never say no if your friends want to order a second round.

Binnaga Tataki

Garlic chips, red onions, and microgreens give this tuna tataki an oomph in texture. Start with this.

Double Tuna Roll

Tuna lovers, take note—this is your roll. It’s got spicy tuna, seared albacore, jalapeño, and a generous helping of spicy aioli.

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