Sessions At The Presidio

Despite what it may sound like, Sessions at the Presidio is not a hot yoga studio or Crossfit cult meeting. Sessions refers to beer, and this restaurant in the Presidio has lots of it. Right inside the entrance to the Presidio off of Lyon Street, Sessions replaces the long-defunct Dixie. The restaurant itself is shockingly large, and seems ready to accommodate the entire neighborhood at any given moment.

As promised, beers are the focus here, and Sessions is pretty eager about announcing the CRAFT nature of their offerings. Signs advertising CRAFT BEER CRAFT CUISINE CRAFT COCKTAILS are prominently displayed at any given opportunity. Trying a little too hard? Perhaps. But considering the other options in this corner of the Marina/Presidio, we’ll take it.

The “CRAFT CUISINE” is a lot of the stuff you’re probably used to eating around town - burrata, salmon, a burger, etc., and most of it’s quite good. The ingredients, sourced from Skywalker Ranch (yes, actually), are especially fresh and bright. Must be all the Jedi magic. That said, you need to order correctly here, and there are a few musts and a few skips discussed below, which will totally change your look on the place.

In addition to food, this is definitely a place to drink, as evidenced by the always crowded bar and popular outdoor tables. For a spot that’s slightly in the middle of nowhere and is largely populated by people over 40 who probably have second homes in Carmel, the place has good energy. Is it the coolest place in town? Not quite, but everyone seems to be having a good time. Get that CRAFT BEER CRAFT CUISINE CRAFT COCKTAILS. It’s better than a weird hot yoga session.

Food Rundown

Tomato, Corn & Burrata

The corn is in pieces shaved off the cob and the tomatoes taste straight out of the garden. Burrata makes all things better, and the fried shallots give it nice crunch. Order immediately.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Thick Cut Kennebeck Fries

These are the move. Crispy outside, soft inside, and served with a dipping sauce you will 100% be asking for more of.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

House Cured Meat & Cheese Platter

While the meats and cheeses are generally good, the portions are sized for a toy poodle on a diet. Fine, but not something you need to get. The slightly sweet malt bread that comes with it is excellent.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Eggplant and Ricotta Gratin

Cheesy delight with mint and pine nuts, this side dish is bomb and you should absolutely order it. Comes in an adorable little bowl also.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Fried Quail

Surprise ornithology lesson, quails are f

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Mussels with Chorizo

Some of the bigger, fresher mussels we’ve had in a while, perfectly cooked with a spicy broth and a hearty helping of chorizo. Great dish.

Rye Paparadelle

Nicely cooked pasta, and the lemon creme fraiche and slow cooked egg combo may make you think about licking the plate.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

House Ground Burger

Unfortunately, the Sessions burger commits one of the worst and yet most common burger sins: a too high bun to burger ratio. The Dutch crunch bun is hefty and the burger is on the smaller side, so the bread really overwhelms the meat.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Slow Cooked Salmon

Solid piece of fish. The fresh beans and tomatoes alongside are refreshing and light.

Sessions At The Presidio review image

Ice Cream Sandwich

Malt ice cream and molasses cookies are a match made in heaven. Not the easiest thing to eat like an actual sandwich, this dessert is worth a trip here alone. Bring it on, cavities.

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