Seed + Salt

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Seed + Salt did not make it easy for us. We tried to go to the recently opened cafe on a Monday. Closed. We tried breakfast before work.Website hours didn't match actual hours. Tried to go on a Saturday, credit card machine wasn’t working. Did they not want our money?

But we finally made it in, and it was worth the effort, for vegan food that's crazy good, paired with some of the friendliest service to date in San Francisco. All that nut cheese must make everyone peppy.

The bright, airy space on Chestnut St. is a Pinterest fantasyland with wood-potted succulents and graphic designs covering white walls in a lofty space. Seating is limited, with just two large picnic tables to post up at but ample space by the register for lines to form. This place knows that pricey health food in the Marina will sell out like a Patagonia vest flash sale at Sports Basement. And they aren’t wrong: a steady stream of Lululemon fiends rolls through for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One gripe is that Seed + Salt is crazy expensive. The place serves a $14 smoothie. That sh*t better contain Beyonce’s hair elixir, J.Lo’s youth serum, Gronk’s protein powders, and serve three to seven people. Side salads are $7 and adding avocado to anything is $3.

But, the food is really good. So we’ll be back. The veggie sandwiches, in particular, are worth paying up for - how do they make eggplant taste like crispy bacon? If you're sandwich-ing, we'd avoid the gluten-free bread, if you can, and go for the collard wraps.

Prices aside, the wraps, seed bread and almond chocolate chip cookies are enough to reel us in when we’re looking to eat healthy. Livin' the Marina Girl dream.

Food Rundown

Sprouted S + S Nut Loaf

Served warm with the spread of your choice, this is a nutty dream bread. Balsamic fig, mushroom walnut pate, and sun dried tomato harissa are some of our favorites.

Celeriac Remoulade

A refreshing salad of shredded celery root, mung beans and herbs mixed with a creamy lemon dressing.

Roasted Parsnips With Buckwheat

Hearty grains and roasted veggies in a tangy vinaigrette. Super good.


Crispy, spicy black bean tempeh with a great chimichurri sauce. One of our go-tos.

Quinoa Falafel

The falafel is fine, but the green garbanzo bean hummus is top-notch. Excellent for a spread with the bread too.

Eggplant BLT With Pimenton Mayo

While the eggplant is a miracle of the food world in its resemblance to bacon, besides that it’s tomato, lettuce and aioli for $13. You can do better.

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is the best gluten-free cookie in the land. The dark chocolate chips are melting inside it.

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