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Scoma's Restaurant

Seafood in Fisherman's Wharf


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Scoma’s is a seafood restaurant on Pier 47 in Fisherman’s Wharf that’s been around since the 1960s. It’s considered a San Francisco institution at this point, which you can probably tell just by stepping inside of it and noticing the dark wood paneling, brown leather swivel chairs, and framed photos of all the prominent folks who’ve dined here throughout the years.

Their ode to the old school extends to the food itself too, which is still brought to your table by servers in white coats. There’s a Crab Louie salad, a “Lazy Man’s” cioppino, and a linguine con vongole (all of which are pretty good), but you’re here for the Dungeness crab or the “famous” clam chowder (which you’ll learn does live up to the hype after eating just one spoonful). However, the charm of Scoma’s isn’t from the food alone, which is executed with varying degrees of success. This spot’s a tried and true throwback in the heart of tourist central that even locals should experience at least once, preferably over a strong Manhattan or a glass of wine and some oysters at the front bar. The waterfront views from there aren’t too bad either.

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