School Night is a bar in Dogpatch that’s only open on weeknights. They serve sharable bar food and good cocktails, and if you can have conversations with people from your office that don’t involve figuring out who keeps stealing the dairy-free creamer from the breakroom, it’s a good post-work spot to check out.

The drinks are the main reason you come here, but you won’t see any “deconstructed” cocktails or anything set on fire. Instead, you’ll drink things that are just a little more interesting than whatever you’d get at your neighborhood go-to, like the Mr. Kotter with tequila and a big hibiscus ice cube. Plus, most of the cocktails are around $12, so it’s not like you’re breaking the bank. Once everyone starts to get hungry, the vegetarian albondigas and the queso fundido are easy to split with a few people. So are the tacos al pastor, but if you don’t feel like getting a separate meal after drinks, they can easily be dinner for one.

There are big communal tables for when your whole team comes along, booths for just a few friends, and you can also sit at the bar when your cube-mate Jaren is the only other person who wants to go out after work. But overall, School Night is a good place to bond with some coworkers and get to know each other a little better. Just don’t have too many drinks, or you’ll end up raiding the office first aid kit in the morning in addition to skimming off Emma’s creamer.

Food Rundown

Chips & Salsas

Good chips and salsa, nothing more and nothing less.

Chopped Salad Mexicana

The best thing about this salad is that it’s split up into lettuce cups, so you can share it with your group. Aside from that, it’s a pretty good salad, but the cucumber can be a little sour.

School Night review image


The fish changes up, but this is good ceviche. Not too spicy, and the corn nuts add a good crunch.

School Night review image


These are made with Impossible meat, but if no one told you that, you’d probably think they were just solid chicken meatballs.

School Night review image

Mexi-French Poutine

There’s a reason “fusion” food gets so much hate, and this is a good example of why. The poutine is really just thick tortilla chips topped with cheese curds and gravy. Still not sure what makes this French, but really the only time to order the poutine is when one of your coworkers drinks too much and needs something to soak it all up.

Tacos Al Pastor

Nothing revolutionary, but these tacos are still really good. Split them with someone, or just get eat them all for yourself.

School Night review image

Queso Fundido

It’s melted cheeses with chorizo in a sizzling hot cast iron dish. Are you really questioning ordering this?

School Night review image

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