Sasa is a Japantown mall sushi spot where you and all your friends can easily walk in after a day of shopping and order some beautifully-presented fish. The dining room is spacious, and there’s a long communal table perfect for groups. The menu also has something for everyone, from uni and ikura donburi and well-balanced specialty rolls to golden-brown chicken karaage. Everything at Sasa is spot-on every time, but we recommend going for the “mystery box” ($42) filled with chef's choice sashimi alongside little balls of sushi rice. Or better yet, go with the $52 omakase if you want to try a bit of everything. Even if you aren't in the area picking up Hi-Chews and patterned spatulas at Daiso, a fantastic meal at this casual restaurant is a must. 

Food Rundown

Mystery Box

This adorable wooden box is filled with chef’s choice sashimi and balls of sushi rice to go with each. Getting the six- or nine-piece box is a great way to start things off here.

Sushi Tasting

For $52, you get ten pieces of chef’s choice nigiri laid out on a small wooden tray, and each is dressed with the usual brush of soy sauce or dab of wasabi. This is a great deal, considering the quality of the fish.

Mini Uni Ikura Don

We love getting this small dish of sushi rice, ikura, and uni to share with a friend. The salty, creamy flavors mix beautifully, so definitely clean up every last grain of rice from the plate.

Creamy Salmon Roll

For something a little more substantial than nigiri or sashimi, this salmon roll with white tuna, avocado, and spicy miso aioli is our go-to.

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