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San Ho Won

Korean in Mission

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The galbi at San Ho Won is less of a piece of meat and more of a gateway to epiphany-inducing euphoria. It’s thick, grilled over lychee charcoal, and so tender you could cut it with just a spoon. Everyone at your table will probably fall silent as they take their first bite of the double-cut beef short rib and reconsider everything they know about it. But getting this transformative BBQ isn’t the only reason to go to this upscale, contemporary Korean spot in the Mission. Every dish that hits the table, from the grilled corn with fat squiggles of honey butter to the bubbling kimchi-jjigae, is phenomenal. And it’ll take every ounce of self-control to avoid filling up on banchan alone, like housemade kimchi with a satisfying tingle and chilled chili tofu.

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