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Sandwiches in Mission

Hours: THURSDAY7:00AM to 3:00PM
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Another notch in the SF sandwich belt. Pile em up. It's not clear what it is about meats between slices of bread in this town, but we continue to bring hard game.

Is it the bread? Might be. Not sure which artisanal baker is behind the options here, but the ciabatta, pretzel roll et al., are all perfectly constructed and a great match for their toppings.

What about the vegetable accoutrements? Money. Salumeria has the freshest, deployed to perfection. A hint of watercress here, brussels sprouts there, and suddenly your sandwich is elevated to the next level.

But look — and you knew this was coming — it's really about the meats. The meats are so goddamn good. The signature salumi sandwich is a pile of cured Italian fantasticalness that's about three times as high and twice as delicious as you're expecting. The roast beef is no slouch either. Whoever here decided their life dream was to run a house of salted animal flesh is WELL-PLACED, my friends.

It's another awesome sandwich shop in SF. On a sunny day, it's hard to beat sitting out front, consuming a giant quantity of salumi. Many cities would kill for just one of this caliber, so don't get jaded. This is top quality stuff.

Food Rundown

Chicory Salad

Get some bitter greens to start off.

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Roast Beef Sandwich

Don't sleep on that pretzel roll. Not as salty as you might expect, and compliments the meat well.

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Salumi Sandwich

THE SIGNATURE. You cannot leave here without having one. The acid/meat/salt balance is so key. This is the Italian Deli sandwich that you always imagined all the other ones might be. As in, it's a giant pile of cured-by-the-best pork products.

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Salumi Board

Mmmmmm cured meats on a slab of wood. Not the best in the city, but probably the best at this price that you can eat outside at a sunny table. Man, California is great.

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