Saigon Sandwich

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Can restaurants travel through time? Assuming the answer is no, we’re having trouble understanding how Saigon Sandwich is possible.

Our confusion comes from this Vietnamese hole in the wall’s pricing. $3.75 gets you hearty bahn mi, stuffed with delicious meat, veggies, and jalapeño. Want the premium pâté version? That’ll set you back a whole $4.25. Saigon Sandwich seems transported from your grandaddy’s era, when a dime got you a double feature at the drive-in theatre. $4 barely buys you a decent scoop of ice cream in this town, and yet we always walk away satiated after consuming these bahn-masterpieces.

That goofy pun is wholly justified, because the sandwiches are f*cking delicious. You know how everyone always says “you can’t go wrong with anything there,” but you know in your heart-of-hearts that they’re lying, because you can go wrong almost anywhere if you try hard enough? Well, you can’t go wrong with anything here. Because there’s only like 5 things on the menu.  We’re partial to the roast pork, or the combination with pork and pâté. But you might as well throw darts at the menu. You’ll win.

Saigon Sandwich is the best value play in San Francisco. Better start collecting your nickels.

Food Rundown

Roast Chicken Bahn Mi

A solid option. Well-seasoned chicken never hurt anybody, and you’ll maybe feel a little better about getting back to work after lunch.

Roast Pork Bahn Mi

Our favorite. If you can roll with pork, you should. Not particularly fatty and in perfect balance with the vegetables around it (as all the sandwiches are).

“Fancy Meatball” Bahn Mi

So fancy. The meatballs add a bit of fat to the standard pork game, and, let’s be real, aren’t we all craving a little more fat in our lives?

Combination Bahn Mi

The awesomeness of the pork with the added bonus of a helping of funky pâté. If you like a little offal game, you’ll love this. Plus it’s probably the most classic combo. Thank god the French brought their baguettes and their fancy smearable meats to Vietnam, so we can all enjoy these works of genius.

Taro Dessert Pudding

If you’re still hungry, go for the purple pudding. It’s also cheap, and will introduce you to the wild and crazy world of Vietnamese desserts that Saigon Sandwich offers. I’m still working my way through them, but why not experiment?

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