Rose Pizzeria

Step onto the balcony at Rose Pizzeria and you’ll feel like you’re about to eat a meal in a friend’s cozy backyard. Roses line the patio, wine is served in mismatched, goblet-like glasses, and the staff is welcoming and chatty. The casual Berkeley spot also happens to churn out excellent pizzas. They’re thin crust, crispy, and slightly charred. And the topping combinations, like sausage and caramelized fennel, and burrata and garlic confit, are so well-prepared and flavorful that we’d eat them on their own. Pair the pies with a glass of pét nat and a spicy miso caesar salad and there’s really no way to go wrong here. Come any time you want to catch up with friends or go on a date and split a few pies in this homey space.

Food Rundown

Classic Pep

Exactly as advertised—the best version of a classic pepperoni pizza. The thin slices of jalapeño are an added bonus. And the slightly sweet tomato sauce balances it all out.

She Wolf

You like burrata and garlic confit? Then you’ll love this. The garlicky pie, which also gets a nice burst of salt from capers and olives, is always on our table.

Spicy Caesar

A perfect way to kick a meal off. It comes with just the right amount of spicy chili dressing, plus a sh*t ton of parmesan and black pepper. Consider ordering one entirely for yourself—it’s that good.