Even if you’ve never been to Plow, you’ve probably heard of their lemon ricotta pancakes. The fluffy, griddled masterpieces are practically synonymous with the casual Potrero Hill spot—so much so that every morning, eager carbohydrate-loving folks start lining up outside of the door at 7am just to get their hands on them. But the perpetual line is warranted: Plow is home to some of the best breakfast in SF.

Once you sit down, you might be overwhelmed with the menu, mostly because everything sounds so damn good. There are smaller plates, like granola and yogurt or chia seed pudding, but we’re guessing you didn’t wait in line on a Sunday with approximately 8,000 other people just for yogurt. So go with the heartier, bigger entrées. The lemon ricotta pancakes, in all their golden-brown glory, should obviously be on the table. But everything else, from the buttermilk biscuits to the french toast topped with poached pears and a scoop of mascarpone cream, is equally worth your time. When in doubt, opt for The Plow. It’s like a personal sampler platter of eggs, pancakes, bacon or sausage, and crispy potatoes worth pulling an all-nighter for. Drizzle some of their thick maple syrup on top of it all and you’ve got yourself an ideal morning meal.

Plow is located on a quiet corner in Potrero Hill and has neighborhood diner charm. The space is small and cozy, and tables are packed in so tight you might end up swapping Instagram handles with the people sitting next to you by the end of breakfast. Your coffee mug will also always stay full, whether you’re at the bar overlooking the kitchen or sharing prosciutto toast with a friend next to the large windows. Plow is a place you’ll want to hang out at on a weekly basis. But you might want to bring a camping chair and a book for the line—or just set your alarm for 6:30am.

Food Rundown

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Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Fluffy, soft, and not too sweet, these lemon ricotta pancakes are the beloved darling of Plow. Drench them in maple syrup and have at it. You can also conveniently order a pancake or two ($6 each) on the side.

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The Plow

Every square inch of this plate is covered with eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, your choice of protein, and gorgeous potatoes. It’s hearty, and ideal as a post-night-out revival meal. But, really, any occasion is perfect for diving into this big plate of carbs.

Custard French Toast

The french toast are thick and dusted in a snowfall of powdered sugar and topped with poached pears and a scoop of mascarpone cream. They’re a dessert-like behemoth that you’ll be reminiscing about for weeks after. Also, this isn’t light (nothing at Plow really is), but know that it’s absolutely delicious.

Fried Egg Sandwich

There are more exciting things to order here, but if you’re really in the mood for a sandwich, this does the trick. The Acme bun soaks up the runny egg yolk as much as it can, but eating this sandwich can still get messy. Definitely add bacon.

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Buttermilk Biscuit

If you don’t order this, you’ll probably spend the entire meal sneaking jealous looks at those who made the smart decision to get the warm, dense, golden-brown biscuit on the table. It comes with a hunk of sweet honey butter that you’ll want to spread on everything.

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