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Pizzeria Delfina

Pizza in Mission


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The average pizza at Pizzeria Delfina is perfectly decent.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your pie will be straight out of the oven, with that perfect bready chew, steam rising, and you will think to yourself, “This is one of the best pizzas I have ever had.”

Other times, if you’re not so lucky, it will seem like your pizza sat around for a few minutes and hardened into stale pastry. The crust will have taken on the texture of baguette, and you will think to yourself, “What was I thinking last time? Was I dreaming?”

These dueling experiences define our time at Delfina. Which side of Delfina am I getting tonight? Harvey Dent or Harvey Dent’s exposed skull?

Some strategy might improve your chances. Going on a weeknight usually helps, especially at non-peak hours. Ordering the “magic pie” (Panna with added sausage) guarantees the toppings will be good. If it’s warm enough to sit outside on the sidewalk, your night will be better no matter what.

The Pizzeria Delfina formula definitely works - there are now locations in Pacific Heights, Burlingame, and Palo Alto in addition to the Mission original we’re talking about here. We’ve experienced similar highs and lows in Pac Heights and Palo Alto, so we hope they can iron out the consistency before going on a Shake Shack-style march across the world.

It’s nice that we live in a city where you can plop down at Delfina and have pretty solid pizza sent your way, any night of the week. We just wish we got more of the “perfect pizza” nights and fewer of the “crusty bread” ones.

Food Rundown


Pretty much exactly what you’d expect, which is usually pretty good.

Pizzeria Delfina review image


With added sausage, the best choice on the menu. The cream, basil, and parmesan exist in perfect harmony. Lives up to its nickname, the “magic pie.” We get one every time.

Pizzeria Delfina review image


OK, but it ain’t standing up to your favorite New York or New Haven clam pies.


The prosciutto is good, and the mound of arugula makes for a nice salad, but we often dig underneath to find a lack of sauce/topping action. So if the top two ingredients slide off at all (happens!), you end up with a lightly cheesed slice, and little else. An architectural conundrum.


A solid sausage and pepper pizza, if you’re into that.

Insalata Tricolore

A palate-cleansing salad, but not much to write home about.


Meatballs in red sauce. What could go wrong?

Pizzeria Delfina review image

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