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Great news for the notoriously indecisive and anyone looking for another casual all-day pizza spot to slot into their rotation: Pie Punks in SoMa is focusing on three styles of pies (grandma, Detroit, and thin-crust round), and pulling each one off with ease. The only real decision you have to make is whether or not to show up (you should)—once you do, there’s no way to go wrong. The fact that you can head over to get an after-work slice at the bar, catch a game on the big projector screen, or replace your sad desk salad lunch will also keep you coming back. 

At this spot, you can hang out with some natural wine and beer, or, even better, a tropical cocktail, with names like “Zombie Punk Drink” and “Sneaky Sneaky Soy Sauce.” The tiki drinks are a pretty good indicator that you’re walking into a non-stuffy space. Despite what the name might suggest, Pie Punks isn’t some dive bar with sticker-covered walls and Black Flag blaring through the speakers. This small place could pass for a trendy Brooklyn loft with its high ceilings, white brick walls, and black-and-white checkered floor. And even though there will always be records playing The Buggles, Elton John, and the like, you won’t have to use your outside voice to talk to someone across the table.

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photo credit: Carly Hackbarth

It isn’t hard to choose which pizza style to go with since, like the first three Shrek movies, they’re great in their own ways. But one to zero in on is the pepperoni grandma. It’s approximately the size of two laptops, and lathered in slightly spicy tomato sauce that’s so good we’d throw it back as a shot. Also opt for the round onion pie with whole garlic cloves, jammy onions, and a crust with a satisfying snap. Another rule of thumb: always roll with the grandma and round pies if you’re in the mood for less heavy. And note that only grandma-style is offered by the slice. 

The welcoming and laidback energy at Pie Punks makes it easy to kick back with a pepperoni slice and sip on a Hennessy piña colada or natural wine all day. So get here for any occasion you can think of—excellent pizza awaits.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Carly Hackbarth

Grandma Pepperoni

Our go-to, whether we’re dropping in for a quick slice or looking to wolf down an entire pie. The pepperoni cups are nice and curled around the edges, and the tangy crust is so light it could pass a buoyancy test.

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photo credit: Carly Hackbarth

Round Onion Pie

Snappy crust, onion and garlic confit, and globs of ricotta we’d use as pillows make this our favorite pizza on the menu. Get this.

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photo credit: Carly Hackbarth

Detroit Bacon

A hefty brick loaded with tomato sauce, bacon, and mushrooms. Always a solid option, especially if you can block out time for a nap after.

Corn Salad

Just fine. You’re better off focusing on the pizzas.

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