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Breakfast in Mission

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This counter-service breakfast and lunch spot in the Mission has fried egg sandwiches down to a science. Case in point: the BEC, a wonderfully gooey work of art that tastes incredible. The sandwich is just perfectly-cooked Applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, and an over-medium egg—simplicity at its finest. You can also get fried egg sandwiches with sausage, pastrami, or grilled steak, and they all come on a squishy poppy seed roll. Definitely grab some bright orange, tongue-tingling housemade habanero sauce (which is also sold by the bottle) on the side.

Food Rundown


Crispy bacon, egg, and cheese come together to make a breakfast sandwich worth setting an extra early alarm for. Starting your morning with this is one foolproof way to make your day 275% better.


Getting the fried egg sandwich with pastrami is also a move we endorse. This one’s super creamy from the egg and white American cheese.

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