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There are two types of people in this world (BOLD STATEMENT): people who are down with fancy Mexican and people who are not. Personally, we are cool with paying a bit more to sit in a covered edifice with single-sex bathrooms and get served pretty tacos with hyphenated sauces on them. Mamacita is a place where you definitely have to be onboard with dropping some dollars for your Mexican fix, and when we’re in the mood for elaborate taco creations, Mamacita is the spot.

The interesting ingredients and more artistic execution of dishes make Mamacita better than the other upscale Mexican in the hood (Sabrosa, Tacolicious). But the atmosphere is definitely more "Marina moms out for cocktails with the kids at home using their iPads as frisbees, as compared to Tacolicious’ "Dude have you seen the latest Chubbies catalog." While the food at Mamacita is objectively better than the frenzied tortilla factory that is Tacolicious, we do find ourselves bypassing Mamacita sometimes, for the party scene down the street because it’s just a lot more fun.

Despite how great the food is, we just can’t get that jazzed about a meal at Mamacita. Maybe it’s because we can’t jive with the $10 for chips and guacamole, and no free chips on the table. Maybe it’s the fact that everything's pretty small and not that filling. Too often after a plate of tacos here, we find ourselves bartering with the table next to us for their extra chips or Googling "Dessert Marina." Sometimes you need more than fancy tacos to fill you up.

Food Rundown

La Nortena

Mamacita makes a typically boring butter lettuce salad way more interesting by adding baby beets, oranges, avocado and best of all, fried chickpeas. Yes.

Sopa Azteca

Soup, really? Really. This soup is rich with a hint of mole and perfectly spiced. The tacos aren’t that big so this is a good starter.

Barbacoa de Chivo

Don't fear the goat. These tacos won't sing-yell Taylor Swift at you. You just get to eat them, and they're delicious. The crispy broccolini addition outclasses your usual street taco.

Pato a la Plancha

If you’re paying $16 for three tacos, you might as well get the moderately obscure bird option. These are excellent.

Mahi Borracho

Beer battered fish tacos. These are fine, but forgettable.

Rojas Sencillas

This translates to "red simple," and if you told a person they were getting the "red simple" they would not be pleased. If they ordered these though, they would be pleased. Almost forgot, they’re actually chicken enchiladas.

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