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La Torta Gorda

Mexican in Mission

Hours: THURSDAY8:00AM to 6:00PM
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We take any embrace of excess to be a good sign, especially at a casual, cheap-eat spot like La Torta Gorda. This Mexican place lives up to its moniker as the tortas are big indeed.

There are two sizes: “Jr.” and “Regular,” and we can only assume that these refer to the size of the family that might consume one of these for dinner. Two people would easily be sustained by a junior sandwich. A family of four could almost certainly make do with a single regular-sized sandwich.

But those rules don’t apply to the Mega Cubana sandwich, which features milanesa, sausage, pierna, ham, chorizo, eggs, turkey, queso fresco, and American cheese. A regular could feed five to six people as it is roughly the size and weight of a small bowling ball. It is something to behold, but not in terror. The simpler tortas are in fact the superior order here. The carne asada is a masterpiece of meaty flavor, and the rajas con queso (pepper strips and cheese) is maybe even better.

The restaurant is set up like an old-school diner, with swiveling counter seats, red-fabric booths, and kitschy wall decor. There’s a back patio with umbrellas and picnic tables, which are perfect for lunchtime indulgence.

La Torta Gorda does, in fact, serve dishes other than gigantic sandwiches. But you don’t really need them. Everything you need to know is in the name.

Food Rundown

Mega Cubana Torta

No exaggeration—this is possibly the largest sandwich we’ve been served in our entire lives. It probably won’t fit in your mouth. It will burst out of your attempts to fit it in an Instagram photo. If you don’t find it overly hearty, you will love it. There is no in-between.

La Torta Gorda review image

Rajas Con Queso Torta

Ah, finally, a delicious sandwich for those who also enjoy taking in calories in all non-meat forms. This one has Oaxaca cheese and poblano pepper strips.

La Torta Gorda review image

Carne Asada Torta

The most balanced, and thus the best all-around sandwich here. Carne asada can be uninteresting at some taquerias. Not here. If you’re going to get one, get this.

La Torta Gorda review image

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