Korean Superette

Korean Superette is the rare Berkeley restaurant that makes us want to drop in with a good book—or a daily affirmations journal—and chill all day. A lot of these feelings have to do with the stellar Korean comfort dishes. Think udon noodles in a hearty black soybean sauce, spicy gojuchang braised tteokbokki with thick fish cake ribbons, and the silkiest tofu stew overflowing with octopus, scallops, and shrimp. The fact that this spot doubles as a mini mart stocked with instant ramen and freezers full of the biggest frozen mandu ever is certainly an added plus. Order from the counter, make sure the creamy iced matcha latte is part of the mix, and head for a seat on the backyard patio—this place looks like an idyllic garden diorama with tons of flowering trees and bushes, and plenty of shade.