Jo’s Modern Thai

With a tropical, plant-filled back patio and Thai dishes that incorporate playful, Californian twists, Jo’s Modern Thai in Oakland's Laurel District is where you want to be for date night or a casual catch up with friends. Everything that lands on the table is punchy, bold, and bright—which doesn’t surprise us, as the menu was developed by the chef behind the excellent Isaan Thai pop-up, Intu-on. There’s a thick, buttery shrimp toast drizzled with sweet and sour mayo, drunken noodles with brisket, pork laab burgers, and oysters topped with things like chili jam and strawberries. Order a bunch of dishes to share, wash them all down with a bright purple cocktail or two, and stay a while. 

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Julia Chen

Shrimp Mousse Toast

Buttery milk bread, juicy shrimp, and sweet and sour mayo drizzled on top—you’ll have recurring midday fantasies about this dish for a week. It’s the best way to start off a meal here, if you know how to share without becoming aggressive over the last piece.

Crispy Catfish Salad

Spicy, nutty, and, as promised, crispy. This fried fish salad, which comes with lettuce for wrapping, is one of the best starters on the menu.

Jo’s Modern Thai review image

photo credit: Julia Chen

Drunken Noodle

We’d inhale just the stir-fried noodles alone. The tender brisket takes the dish over the top. Get these.

Massaman Curry

This vegetarian curry loaded with grilled cabbage and potatoes is the equivalent of sitting by a campfire and using a stick to roast dinner over the flames—comforting. Ask for extra rice to soak it all up.

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