Jane on Fillmore

We love Jane for its fresh, healthy food that gets served up in hearty portions. The salads are amazing, and the breakfast sandwiches, granola, and coffee are a great way to start the day too. If only they were open for dinner.

But what we love most about Jane On Fillmore is that they walk the fine line of serving food for the Lululemon crowd—kale smoothies and gluten free quinoa bread - while also managing to please others with sausage biscuits on the weekends and excellent cookies. Go for the egg sandwich. It’s pre-srirachaed, and one of the best morning choices you can make.

As for the rest, the high ceilings, white walls, marble counters and huge windows overlooking Fillmore give Jane on Fillmore a well-lit, cookbook-kitchen-photo vibe (except for the creepy upstairs with the dusty armchairs). You can even watch the chefs puree chickpeas for fresh hummus in the kitchen. Once you see that, you can’t go back.

Food Rundown

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Two options: regular or vegan/gluten-free. Both come with perfectly fresh raspberries, strawberries, and bluberries, as well as the ideal nut-to-oat ratio. Jane’s granola nails the sweet/salty combo.

Egg White Sandwich

Whites with spinach, avocado, cheese and some Sriracha, pressed between slices of housemade bread. Sign us up.

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