Hunan Home's Restaurant

This cozy, laid-back restaurant has been a Chinatown fixture since 1983, and it’s where you’ll find some of the best sizzling Hunan bean curd ever. Sautéed with pork in a black-bean sauce, the dish is a must-order and packs the heat. Or, choose the Hunan smoked pork, which is sautéed with cabbage and green peppers in a spicy sauce so luscious you’ll want to slurp it up by the spoonful. To balance out the heat, go for the chicken with orange peel – chunks of deep-fried chicken coated in a mildly sweet, citrusy sauce – and a lighter vegetable dish such as snow pea leaves sautéed with garlic. You can also ask the servers about the spiciness – they’ll gladly adjust heat levels to suit everyone in your group.