Hog Island Oyster Bar

Hog Island Oyster Bar is one of the greatest lunch destinations on the planet.

Why? Two reasons. The food is excellent, and the view is f*cking world-class.

Let’s begin with the oysters. If you don’t like oysters, this is probably not the spot for you. If you do, Hog Island’s are top-notch. Shuttled down from the legendary Tomales Bay, these are the rare oysters that can make you feel a little bit better about your day. From the first slurp, you’ll get an extra pep in your step. We’re not sure what it is about these oysters that give them their special powers, but rest assured - you want in.

And while the seafood is good, the view is spectacular. If you’re out on the patio on a not-so-rare 67-and-sunny day, it’s possible your mind will be blown. The Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, the cool blue waters of the Bay itself, the breeze... this place is magical. It’s enough to remind you why you love San Francisco.

Any drawbacks to Hog Island? Lines can be long, you may have to sit inside, it may not be a nice day, the Ferry Building might be crowded, etc. etc. You can’t worry about this stuff. When Hog Island is bad, it’s still pretty good. And when it’s great, it’s truly wonderful.

Food Rundown

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We now understand why the French refer to seafood as “fruits” of the sea.

Hog Island Oyster Bar review image

Grilled Oysters

​​Don’t sleep on these - a little seasoning and cookery never hurt anyone. Rockefeller style can be delicious.

Hog Island Oyster Bar review image


Gotta say, we were NOT expecting the Oyster Co. to bring such amazing clam game. This may be the best clam chowder we’ve ever had. Absolutely a must order.

Rustic Seafood Stew

Mussels, tomato and shrimp getting in on the action? Can’t say we’re not impressed.

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