Hawker Fare

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It's hard to talk about Hawker Fare without talking about Singapore. Sure, this is nominally a Thai restaurant, but it's really "Asian fusion." Asian fusion can be a dangerous game to play. So many places mess it up, and the catastrophes tend to be bigger than those at more straightforward restaurants.

Which brings us back to Singapore. Not to go all armchair-Bourdain on you, but that is one of the greatest food cities on the f*cking planet. Singapore does two things incredibly well: Asian fusion and hawker centres. (British colonial spelling for extra imperialism points!) What is a hawker centre? A giant outdoor food court with hundreds of tiny stalls, most selling one kind of dish. Many of which are fusion: the hawkers combine Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malay, and Indonesian food with reckless abandon. The wanton experimentation leads to food that tastes awesome.

Hawker Fare is clearly throwing shout-outs in Singapore's direction, and
damn do we approve. The signature dish, Kao Mun Gai, comprised of supercharged chicken over rice, is a hawker centre classic, and this version is the best we've had back on this side of the Pacific. The other, more Thai dishes get it done as well - particular props go to the half-cube of spicy sausage.

Hawker Fare brings both the tingling spices and buzzing environment over from Southeast Asia. We're excited to see they're expanding to the Mission, we'll be here even more often.

Food Rundown

Papaya Som Tum

A tasty spicy papaya salad, with a nice dose of fish funk.

Cuttlefish Skewers

The dumplings are made of fish! Aside from that magic trick, these are not as good as normal dumplings.

Blistered Green Beans
Nice take on the standard fried green bean, with extra kicking Asian flavor flave.

Issan Style Sausage

This comes in the shape of a square patty. That was unexpected, but didn't adversely affect the flavor. Nor did the extra fried egg we threw on top.

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