Grubstake Diner

Grubstake looks like either a streetcar or an old-school lunch wagon (depending on how hungry you are when you end up here at midnight), which is certainly one reason this American diner in Polk Gulch stands out. The other is that this spot, which has been going strong since the 1960s, caters to the red-eye crowd—serving straightforward burgers, tuna melts, breakfast plates, shakes, and fries until 4am. While Grubstake has changed owners and sadly pulled back on the Portuguese side of the menu over the years, you can still order the comforting caldo verde filled with linguica. (This place is also reportedly getting demolished and rebuilt.) And since this is a late-night spot with greasy-spoon energy, you can slide into a red booth, admire the old mural and fake grapes hanging from the ceiling, and fill up on all things fried. 

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