Good To Eat Dumplings

Fantastic news for anyone who loves a quick dumpling dinner. Good To Eat Dumplings is serving elongated potstickers that are incredibly light and crispy in Emeryville. The small and growing menu at this Taiwanese spot (and former pop-up) involves noodles, fried meats, dumplings, and fresh Asian vegetables sourced from Radical Family Farms. Order at the counter, and nutty golden kimchi, cold wheat noodles bathing in frothy miso-soy milk, juicy fried popcorn chicken, and delicate pork-stuffed wontons will come to you in the dining room or out on the side patio. Each funky, tangy, and spicy dish comes out quickly, making this place our current go-to for solo dinners and meals with someone who knows exactly what brand of shampoo you use.